Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Feel Good Files #4

I think I have just completed one of the hardest workouts I have ever done in my life!

After bathing and tucking my daughter up in bed, I had a choice.
I was edging so much towards just sitting down and putting my feet up but I was still itching for a workout.
Knowing that I had taken a day off yesterday and having 'The Feel Good Files #4' awaiting I suddenly decided to go for it..

 (After Workout Selfie - Thank god the lighting is bad so you can't see how much I was sweating!)

I searched for Pop Sugar Fitness on Youtube, they always have great content and then swiftly picked the 'Fat-Burning Cardio Sculpt Workout' 

However I had no idea how tough it was going to be.

It was hardcore, heart pumping and sweat inducingly good!
It pushed me to my current limit which can only mean that the gains will follow.

During a few of the moves I stopped sooner than the trainer and on some I did not put in as much umph as they did - buuuuuut - I finished it and I felt the success, which was so thrilling.

Sometimes I wonder if this feeling alone is what motivates me. The wuzzy fuzzy jelly legs feeling at the end that was earned by pushing myself.

I don't know where I found the energy to finish but I began by dragging my feet before it had even starting it. Then the determination set it.

As soon as it was over I splashed my face with cool water then grabbed a protein shake. I'm currently using X-Tone Protein Whey which has seemed to be working so far. I'm not a protein shake pro though and this is the first brand that I've ever tried. Excuse the pictures, I promise I'll stop being lazy and get my blogging camera out soon. My phone is just currently so much more convenient.

Do you have a favourite Protein Shake??

Monday, 22 August 2016

The Feel Good Files #3

 Well well well...I don't have much to report today. I've mainly been busy getting up to my mumsy chores. I did carry 3 full bags back from Aldi with plenty of heavy fruit and veg so I'll count that as part of my workout today. I also hoovered around when I got back then ended up doing a minimal strength training exercise.

Which consisted of:

10x plank to press ups
Side planks 30 secs each side
Bridge holding for 30 secs

Then I gave up because Mia was in a wild mood and started crawling under me so I decided to get on with dinner.
I know today's post isn't full of energy bursting jumping beans but neither was I today and I want to keep my fitness activity posts as real and raw as can be!

Once my food is settled I'll either do some bedtime yoga or get my 2.5kg weights out and do a few reps with them.

I spotted this almond milk on one of the first shelves as I walked into the shop today and I've heard lots of good things about it. I love health hypes and I'll always try anything once.  

So I decided to give it go. 

I let it cool in the fridge for a while because it is room temperature on the shelves, then once it was nice and chilled I decided to have it as a late snack - poured over a bowl of Bran flakes. 
 My first thought was that it tasted a little weird, but then I kept on eating the cereal and found it really mourish. 

My daughter gave it a little taste and said mmm! although she didn't continue to gulp it down.
We both found the nuttiness was quite noticeable - a little more than I expected. 
Now I am not vegan or lactose intolerant but Almond milk comes with many other benefits for everyone to enjoy.

It is a great substitute to whole or semi milk if you are hoping to lose weight and packed full of nutritional goodness. I even read that all of the vitamin E in this baby will help your skin to glow.
So I'm sold! I'm not going to ditch cows milk completely but it will be great to mix in with my everyday diet.

This was a spur of the moment buy so if you have any brand recommendations for your favourite almond milk please let me know in the comments :)

Our Summer holidays 2016

 It is my daughters first real Summer holidays from her School nursery, so we have been getting up to a lot of fun. Making the most of the sun, in the short amount of time that it actually decided to show up!

We took a trip to Blackpool and enjoyed the sea air. Mia found a crab and was proud to hold it to show everyone. We visited the rides along the pier and it goes without saying that Ice cream was had!

We also went to a Family fun day at Walton Hall Park, most of the activities where free (kerching!) and the RAF Falcons came along to put on a wonderful parachute display. There was so much to do, Mia even had a go on a mini zorb.

 After a few other family fun days we decided to go for a nature walk in Formby squirrel reserve. It was a great day for it so we took a picnic and blanket and enjoyed the atmosphere. I got a little too excited when I saw a tree swing - but hey you're never too old to have fun right?

Most recently we visited New Brighton. It was such a hot day so we sat on the beach for a while making sandcastles and burying Mia in the sand!

Afterwards we strolled down to The Black Pearl which was further along the beach. It is a pirate ship made of driftwood and it is super cool. It was quite busy so I didn't get a picture however it is that popular it even has its own Facebook page!  Check it out.

It has been a jam-packed few weeks!

On one of the less sunny days we visited Hollywood Bowling in Liverpool.

There's more I could mention and still things that we are hoping to fit in before the end of Summer. Mostly the days out have been cheap and planned to keep monetary spends in mind. I'd say we have been quite lucky that we managed to squeeze in the beach days when the Sun was at its best.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you are all having a fun filled Summer too!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Feel Good Files #2

It's Sunday and although I have spent most of the day resting I did want to make time for a short workout.
So I spent just under 20 minutes on the treadmill.. going at an average of 6.4km/hour. I completed a 1.6 km run and followed it up with 10 sit ups, 10 squats and a minute long plank.
I would have normally kept on pushing a little longer but I was really eager for lunch so I quit there.
I was however still dripping in sweat so I feel like it was a good workout and got my heart pumping with that cardio goodness!
Also I should mention that I drank water through out (i virtually always do!) 
as my mouth became a little dry. 

Have you been keeping fit today??

Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Feel Good Files #1

Thanks for popping over to my little corner of the web.
I've decided to start a new series of blog posts called 'The Feel Good Files'

Through this series I'll be sharing my daily personal fitness activities - excluding any rest days.
Among them will be general health and fitness musings and I believe sharing them here will encourage me even further to keep up with my progression. Hopefully in doing so I can connect with like minded enthusiasts!

I'm completely in love with working out at home, it is my safe haven and makes the whole process easier and 100% more appealing than trekking to the gym. Though on dry days i like to make use of the garden and take my work out OUT.

Today I was seriously lacking in motivation and pretty much forced myself into my gym gear.
As soon as I put my sports bra I got straight into an active mood. This is currently my go to method of motivation when I'm feeling lazy, if I throw some sporty clothes on I suddenly perk up.. must be something about the Lycra!

Then I got Keaira LaShae up on YouTube, she's my go to fitness guru and will likely feature a lot through The Feel Good Files. I love her videos because I find she pushes me a lot and really makes me feel encouraged.

I chose an intense cardio workout because I'd already had two rest days prior. Which always makes me feel meh! So I dove right back in..

I was dripping in sweat after completing it and my face was burning red. 

It was totally worth it!

Towards the end I stopped the moves a little sooner than she did each time, in order to respect my body. I always stay aware of that to avoid any injuries. Even though I push harder through most workouts ultimately I listen to my body for guided progression.

Who is your favourite fitness guru?

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fun ways to work out without a babysitter!

 This post is designed to help motivate and inspire Mums who are interested in keeping fit and healthy. It is understandable that for many there are obstacles along the way and some people may not be able to partake in much physical activity at all. I did not start a real fitness regime until my daughter was 2 years old and then I got really stuck in. I would never advise new mums to take up unnecessary physical activity shortly after giving birth as your body needs time to settle and repair itself.

Please always stick to your own pace and listen to your body to avoid injury.


The trampoline was literally the best purchase I have made so far. Initially it was bought for my daughters 2nd birthday but she gladly shares it with me and I have found using it to be an extremely effective addition to my fitness regime! I bought it online with Asda direct and it is now almost 2 years old and still going strong. My daughter still has so much fun bouncing on it and has not tired of it yet, recently she has been learning new moves on it and it also provides her with a fun way to get active.

It has been proven that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is the equivalent to a 30 minutes jog and it is so easy to squeeze in ten minutes on this, either bouncing gently with my daughter on it or having her engage in an activity next to the trampoline while I have a more thorough turn.

Warning: If you have given birth before taking up this activity you may experience leakage so.. take your time, start gently and build your stamina up. Along side remember to keep on top of your pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your body. It is so worthwhile!

Some reasons to trampoline regularly include:
It will boost your mood and helps to combat depression.
It provides effective lymphatic drainage, pushing any toxins out of your body.
Cardio strengthens your heart, muscles and balance. 

 Hula Hooping

 At first I could not keep a hula hoop up for more than a few seconds but I made a concious effort to try every time I was out in the garden with my daughter. Now I have learned and built the strength to keep the hoop up with ages! I find it so fun and it shapes your stomach so well.

I began with learning to hoop clockwise and I am now in the process of of learning to hoop anti clockwise, which I cannot do for the life of me! But I will keep trying and trying. I only recently learned that in order to keep your body balanced it is optimal to practice hooping in both directions.

My hoop is really basic, I just use a childs one that I also bought for my daughter. (recurring theme!)
I have never used a weighted hoop because personally it has not been necessary so far.. however I am likely to in the future.

Perks of hooping:
You will develop a strong core.
It will keep you fit and healthy.
You will learn a new skill that you can feel proud of.

Playing football in the park

Let me tell you once you get started kicking a ball around in the park with your little one and your heart gets pumping you will be running around passing the ball until you are totally puffed out in no time.

It is an awesome way to have some fun with your child, especially before they get to the age when they only want to hang out with their friends. Make the most of it!

Pokemon Go 

So the amount of Mums that I heard talking about this game before the children broke up from school was unreal. I myself was a big fan of Pokemon as a child and I literally spent a whole holiday catching Pokemon when I was younger. My Mum couldn't get any sense out of me when I was on my Game boy. So when I saw that Pokemon Go was released I jumped straight on it. I now take more days out and more steps through playing this game on my phone. 

If you are a fan of Pokemon you will get serious motivation to go on many more walks than usual.

What is your favourite way to work out around your child's lifestyle?


Juju Jelly shoes - The perfect choice for Summer

It's so difficult to find the perfect shoes for our children.
Ultimately they should fit into each of the following categories:

Comfortable (This is high priority to prevent miserable days out for both you and your child!)

Stylish (We still want them to look cool..)

Durable  (Anti scuff/easy wipe? Yes please)

Easy to put on and take off

Me and my daughter have had a wonderful experience with these mint Juju Jellys so it only made sense to share our joy.

Jelly shoes are by far my favourite style of footwear for my daughter during the Summer months, even in Spring they are easily worn with cute frilly socks. They're so versatile that boys can pull them off too!

 They literally tick all of the boxes above - after an active day, visiting the park or forest I can simply run them under the tap or give them a swift clean with a baby wipe.

We have tried a few different styles but the Juju Jelly shoes have been the most comfortable and long lasting for my daughter. Although they are buckle shoes, I've found with a little wiggling we manage to get them on and off without undoing them too.