Thursday, 20 July 2017

A beginners guide to essential oils + Sacred Soul giveaway

The use of essential oils dates all the way back to the Cleopatra era and even further, still. Essential oils are super potent and have many uses such as cosmetic, medicinal and they can even be used for household cleansing. Due to the powerful nature of essential oils, it is important to be aware that they can carry side effects and that they should also be kept out of reach of small hands.

Certain essential oils are perfectly safe for children when diluted but others can give adverse reactions, or even burn the skin! A carrier oil is needed in order to dilute essential oils for topical application. My favourite carrier oils are sweet almond oil, coconut oil and grape-seed oil, all of which can be applied to the face for an easy, DIY facial.

The vast amount of mixtures and scents available for essential oils can be quite overwhelming and each scent holds their own, unique benefits. Starting with the basics is the perfect way to begin your journey with utilising essential oils and becoming familiar with each of them.

Listed below with their key uses.

Eucalyptus - Allergy aid, natural air freshener, wound treatment.
Tea Tree - Acne treatment, natural deodorant, natural air freshener, mould killer.
Lavender - Relaxation, laundry aid, dandruff treatment.
Peppermint - Soothe abdominal pain, memory enhancer, respiratory benefits.
Ylang-Ylang - Mood enhancing, sedative, hydrates skin.

All of Sacred soul's oils are 100% pure, certified and organic.

As a thank you to my readers, I have teamed up with Sacred souls to offer you the chance to win a set of your own!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway  

* The prize will be sent by Sacred Soul once the winner has responded with their address details.

Friday, 14 July 2017

White Wolf Yoga and Kitchen

Following on from my previous post, White Wolf yoga held a talk at the British Style Collective, last Sunday and afterwards the team headed back to their studio, to host a Hatha flow session. After receiving an invitation to join the class, I was eager to see how I would manage practicing yoga alongside others.

Although I have had plenty of yoga practice at home, it was the first time that I have actually joined a yoga session. On the day, I had not timed my train well at all and ended up a little late, which was quite stressful, I hate being late to anything! Even more so when I had to disturb a yoga session and join in 5 minutes late.

As soon as I opened the door, I was reassured by Louise (White Wolf's yoga instructor) not to worry and join in. So I sat down straight into easy pose. Gathering and regulating my breath. The whole class was full but I didn't feel any judgement, which helped me to begin easing into the postures along with the class.

In no time I was feeling calmed and soothed, the atmospheric background music and Louise's tone of voice, were both perfect compliments to the minimalist room design.

I found that the class gave me slightly more confidence, in trying new poses and having an instructor walk me and the class through each pose, in person was definitely more beneficial than watching sessions, online, at home.

Throughout the class Louise reassured us that there was no need for competition and that we should each stick to our own pace. I had a slight wobble here and there, while practicing a few of the tougher poses but at no point did I feel defeated or embarrassed by this, due to the class being so welcoming. It also helped that I wasn't the only one to stumble, so I would definitely recommend White Wolf to others who don't feeling very confident about joining a yoga class.

White Wolf Yoga also have their own kitchen, which offers an abundance of plant-based options! The decor is cosy and homely and you can tell that White Wolf want their customers to have the best experience with them.

After browsing the menu, I opted for a falafel salad and a detox juice which was a nutritious mix of cucumber, apple and mint. The falafel salad was super generous and also well presented, served with humus on a bed of rocket. It was an enjoyable end to the yoga session and I left feeling renewed.

 If you're looking for a new yoga class to attend in Liverpool, then you won't be disappointed.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

British Style Collective 2017

The British Style Collective took over Liverpool last weekend and I managed to bag myself tickets to attend! The event was split into various locations and I began my day at St Georges Hall, observing Edeline Lee's luxury collection. The collection was full of mesmerizing, statement printed tees, glam glitter and non crease garments. The models managed to make football socks look stylish too!

Obligatory OOTD - I decided on smart casual, slimming black.

Afterwards, I headed over to the shopping halls and grabbed a jam-packed goody bag from Glamour, which included a Mac lipstick, nail polish, shampoo/conditioner, Glamour mag, face mask you name it! The shopping halls were a fabulous pre-show distraction and there was a bubbles bar where I enjoyed a little tipple. 

I loved seeing Andrew Collinge and his team, tending to the attendees tresses, Love Island stars were also wondering around the stalls and taking picture requests! 

The Alcatel fashion show was hosted in the Echo Arena and was well put together, displaying eight key trends Metallic, Hot Pink, Vintage Circus, Pop Chick, Judgement Day, Alcatel Beach, Swing Dreams & Pretty Punk.

I had an incredible day and have put together my favourite clips from the show below!  


Monday, 3 July 2017

Brunchin' with Liv

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining The Liv Blogger, Liv, Nourish and Inika for a Pre-British Style Collective brunch. The British Style Collective is The Clothes Show live, re-branded and this year it is being hosted in my hometown! As if Liverpool couldn't get anymore eventful!

The brunch was hosted in Liv - Organic and Natural Food Market, which is a fairly new addition to Bold street. It is full to the brim with amazing vegan and vegetarian brands, beauty products and a quaint little café. The front of which was sectioned off, for us all.. to enjoy the tasty little nibbles, freshly prepared by chef to the stars - Sean Paul Redding

The fabulous menu included:
Smashed avocado with minted goats cheese/vegan feta
Bubble & squeak and smoked tofu
Hoevos rancheros
Eggs benedict

It was the first time that I have ever tasted tofu and it was actual perfection on a plate.

Afterwards, we headed over to another seating area at the back of the store, there we were given a makeup demonstration by Inika, we learned a lot about the brand and tried some swatches of the products. I was particularly interested in their primer which smelled and felt super dreamy!

All of Inika's cosmetics are animal friendly and certified organic.

Nourish were next to give us a talk about their exclusive female lifestyle boutique, which is home to everything you could possibly need to feel fabulous. A gym, spa, yoga studio, beauty treatment rooms, nail spa and hairdressers!

I actually can't wait to visit and take in the therapeutic vibes for myself.

To provide a taster of their service, Nourish were also offering manicures on the day, using BWC nail polishes, which stands for Beauty Without Cruelty. Their polishes are plant based and included some pretty hues.

I believe the colour which I chose was twilight mist. Thanks to Kayleigh and Danielle for putting up with me, since I had glitter polish on to begin with and we all know how hard that is to get off!

 Thanks to Liv and all of the brands for treating us to such a cute little morning!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Very Holiday

Last week I was one of the lucky local bloggers, who managed to bag an invite and attend the Very Holiday event - an unveiling of their exciting, Summer products!

Not only that, my daughter got to come along and enjoy her first bloggers event too! We both got into the spirit of Summer and dressed for the occasion. Very made the venue family friendly by setting up a kids play area, face painting station and providing holiday themed drinks and treats.

Currently as I look out of the window, it is pouring buckets.. however the Summer days are awaiting and as you know from my most recent post, I am already day dreaming about our first holiday abroad.

We both loved perusing the holiday wear and Mia even picked her favourite piece too.

 On a rack featuring the River Island mini SS17 range, this patterned two piece caught our eyes.. there was also the cutest bikini's and costumes for kids, packed with vibrant hues.

While Mia was having a play, I managed to have a look around the grown ups section too! Bumping into the fabulous bloggers who i knew, here and there..

The swimwear collection is absolutely stunning, if you are looking for new holiday or Summer wear, Very have you truly spoil for choice.

Thank you to the Very team for hosting this successful event, it was a pleasure to be there and share the fun with my daughter too!

Keep an eye out for goody bag product reviews to come..

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Flying from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

'Winter is leaving' it has overstayed its welcome and I'm day dreaming about daffodils and cherry blossoms. Spring is surely the most anticipated season for us Brits, I mean can any of us really deal with anymore Lemsip or lozenges?! 

Although I'm as pale as snow, I do love a good bit of sunshine. It boosts my mood like nothing else. My patience with the English chill is wearing thin and recently I have been imagining flying away, embracing a break from the norm and taking my daughter on her first holiday abroad. I think that she is officially ready to sit still for 2 hours or more, especially with the promise of adventure. 

We would fly from my local airport, the iconic Liverpool John Lennon. Convenience would be the key to our family getaway. But where to? 

Ireland, France, Germany or further?

Paris would be high up on my list of places that I'd most like to treat my daughter with, and myself for that matter! We could visit Disneyland and stay off site to reduce our costs, leaving more room in the budget for spending on the famous French cuisine! More croissants, less cross parents!
Plus it would make it easier to explore the national treasures, going up the Eiffel tower would be unforgettable.  Liverpool John Lennon airport have a thorough guide on the best times to travel to Paris with them here.

Thinking further afield, another destination on the LJLA website which jumps out at me is Morocco. The pamper loving side of me, would be easily enticed by the Turkish baths and luxurious spa treatments, infused with the gloriously generous sunbeams. However I'm not sure that my daughter would get as much out of the holiday as me!

On the main destinations page is a recommendation for Majorca, which from what I have heard and seen of, it seems to be a perfect mixture of family, fun and sun. Perhaps the ideal family holiday location.

Two and a half hours for our flight and just over half an hour to get to the airport. I'm already mentally booking our trip! There are so many options to choose from for a vacation using Liverpool John Lennon but as long as you are with your favourite companions - can you really go wrong?

Take a look for your next potential holiday by clicking here.

If you have already treated yourself to an abundance of getaways, please leave me your recommendations on the best places to stay!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Be At One Cocktail Masterclass

Last week I enjoyed a swanky little bloggers evening at Be At One, a cocktail bar in the heart of Liverpool. Seel street to be specific, which is just a 10 minute stroll from Liverpool central. Be At One became an instant success in 1998, and subsequently opened bars here, there and everywhere...

I had received my invite way back in December - via the Bloggers network app. (If you haven't got that already, what are you waiting for??)

Needless to say, I was excited to try out their healthier take on cocktails! I wasn't doing a sober January and I don't drink much alcohol as it is, but I loved the idea of being innocently naughty... 

Virtuous cocktails are Be at one's new addition to their menu, offering both alcoholic and non alcoholic tipples.

On arrival we were presented with popcorn and prosecco, to get us warmed up for the cocktail creating. I was first up, behind the bar and seriously giddy. Something about being in the spotlight turns me into a nervous wreck. I made some really funny mistakes while following the instructions of the bar tender, great memories to keep. Lets just say, I'm not very talented in the art of bar work. 

However! My creation still tasted grand, regardless of my limited confidence at making them.

My cocktail of choice - Tang Dynasty Tanqueray, Lillet, Yuku, Tea, Egg White

The party didn't end there, as we were treated to a shot and a group drinking game. Which involved 15 or so bloggers passing bottles between their legs, in a race to complete their cocktail first. So much fun!

Thank you to all of the Be At One staff for looking after us, and providing us with a wonderful event. I can't wait to return!!