Saturday, 20 May 2017

Very Holiday

Last week I was one of the lucky local bloggers, who managed to bag an invite and attend the Very Holiday event - an unveiling of their exciting, Summer products!

Not only that, my daughter got to come along and enjoy her first bloggers event too! We both got into the spirit of Summer and dressed for the occasion. Very made the venue family friendly by setting up a kids play area, face painting station and providing holiday themed drinks and treats.

Currently as I look out of the window, it is pouring buckets.. however the Summer days are awaiting and as you know from my most recent post, I am already day dreaming about our first holiday abroad.

We both loved perusing the holiday wear and Mia even picked her favourite piece too.

 On a rack featuring the River Island mini SS17 range, this patterned two piece caught our eyes.. there was also the cutest bikini's and costumes for kids, packed with vibrant hues.

While Mia was having a play, I managed to have a look around the grown ups section too! Bumping into the fabulous bloggers who i knew, here and there..

The swimwear collection is absolutely stunning, if you are looking for new holiday or Summer wear, Very have you truly spoil for choice.

Thank you to the Very team for hosting this successful event, it was a pleasure to be there and share the fun with my daughter too!

Keep an eye out for goody bag product reviews to come..

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Flying from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

'Winter is leaving' it has overstayed its welcome and I'm day dreaming about daffodils and cherry blossoms. Spring is surely the most anticipated season for us Brits, I mean can any of us really deal with anymore Lemsip or lozenges?! 

Although I'm as pale as snow, I do love a good bit of sunshine. It boosts my mood like nothing else. My patience with the English chill is wearing thin and recently I have been imagining flying away, embracing a break from the norm and taking my daughter on her first holiday abroad. I think that she is officially ready to sit still for 2 hours or more, especially with the promise of adventure. 

We would fly from my local airport, the iconic Liverpool John Lennon. Convenience would be the key to our family getaway. But where to? 

Ireland, France, Germany or further?

Paris would be high up on my list of places that I'd most like to treat my daughter with, and myself for that matter! We could visit Disneyland and stay off site to reduce our costs, leaving more room in the budget for spending on the famous French cuisine! More croissants, less cross parents!
Plus it would make it easier to explore the national treasures, going up the Eiffel tower would be unforgettable.  Liverpool John Lennon airport have a thorough guide on the best times to travel to Paris with them here.

Thinking further afield, another destination on the LJLA website which jumps out at me is Morocco. The pamper loving side of me, would be easily enticed by the Turkish baths and luxurious spa treatments, infused with the gloriously generous sunbeams. However I'm not sure that my daughter would get as much out of the holiday as me!

On the main destinations page is a recommendation for Majorca, which from what I have heard and seen of, it seems to be a perfect mixture of family, fun and sun. Perhaps the ideal family holiday location.

Two and a half hours for our flight and just over half an hour to get to the airport. I'm already mentally booking our trip! There are so many options to choose from for a vacation using Liverpool John Lennon but as long as you are with your favourite companions - can you really go wrong?

Take a look for your next potential holiday by clicking here.

If you have already treated yourself to an abundance of getaways, please leave me your recommendations on the best places to stay!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Be At One Cocktail Masterclass

Last week I enjoyed a swanky little bloggers evening at Be At One, a cocktail bar in the heart of Liverpool. Seel street to be specific, which is just a 10 minute stroll from Liverpool central. Be At One became an instant success in 1998, and subsequently opened bars here, there and everywhere...

I had received my invite way back in December - via the Bloggers network app. (If you haven't got that already, what are you waiting for??)

Needless to say, I was excited to try out their healthier take on cocktails! I wasn't doing a sober January and I don't drink much alcohol as it is, but I loved the idea of being innocently naughty... 

Virtuous cocktails are Be at one's new addition to their menu, offering both alcoholic and non alcoholic tipples.

On arrival we were presented with popcorn and prosecco, to get us warmed up for the cocktail creating. I was first up, behind the bar and seriously giddy. Something about being in the spotlight turns me into a nervous wreck. I made some really funny mistakes while following the instructions of the bar tender, great memories to keep. Lets just say, I'm not very talented in the art of bar work. 

However! My creation still tasted grand, regardless of my limited confidence at making them.

My cocktail of choice - Tang Dynasty Tanqueray, Lillet, Yuku, Tea, Egg White

The party didn't end there, as we were treated to a shot and a group drinking game. Which involved 15 or so bloggers passing bottles between their legs, in a race to complete their cocktail first. So much fun!

Thank you to all of the Be At One staff for looking after us, and providing us with a wonderful event. I can't wait to return!!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Kaeso Beauty Firming Face Mask Review

Early last year, I completed a wellness course - which was provided by my daughters Sure Start centre. The course helped me to develop my meditation and massage skills. I was already interested in relaxation techniques and yoga before hand so, I was in my element learning about aromatherapy too.

I was treated to a facial during our last session together, and the therapist used Kaeso face masks and moisturisers along with aromatherapy products. I loved how fresh my face felt afterwards so I asked questions about the masks and creams. I was informed that they are designed for spa's and therapists and were only available through hair & beauty stockists.

I was eager to find out more about the brand, so I quickly found and ordered the firming mask online through the ever so helpful - eBay. It was only around £5 for 95ml too. It has lasted me quite a while, even though I've used it frequently. This is because it isn't necessary to apply it thickly. A thin layer is just enough. The scent is Pomegranate and white nettle, I love how the smell stays on your skin a little while after removing the product. 

The quality, the price and the results are all worthy of a share. My face is feeling lovely after each use, I finish my treatment with a mixture of grape seed oil and a drop of lavender essential oil which locks in the moisture. It is total TLC for my skin.

Find your Kaeso stockist here.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Mat Review

Considering that I have been using this yoga mat for a good six months now, I believe that I can give it a thorough review. I was not sent it for this purpose, but I love to share my views regardless. The Eko Super lite travel mat is well designed for the wanderer, it is super thin but sturdy. Although I don't travel much, I feel that this mat is also perfect for the casual yogi. Due to how easy it is to store and use it whenever desired.

Using a good quality mat can make all the difference to your yoga practice. I know as I have used cheaper quality mats too. The cheaper ones tend to fall apart quickly while also leaving much to be desired, when it comes to the 'non slip' claims. The Eko mat helps me to stay balanced on wooden floor securely. Now I'm not a yoga pro, not by far... but I would go as far to say my practices are entering the intermediate stages. So, it definitely stands up well with some of the more difficult poses.

This mat is made from non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber. I feel that knowing this, makes my practice feel even more authentic. The only draw back is the smell, at first it was quite overpowering. Now it has worn off, but if you're deep breathing in dolphin pose it can become a slight distraction.

Being so thin, the mat doesn't provide much support, however that has never been an issue while I have used it. If you had an injury to take into consideration then this could pose a problem though. The length is perfect and I can see mine lasting for years to come. Hygiene wise, these babies do need cleaning from time to time and Manduka offer a cheap and effective cleaning spray to do so which is a must buy!
I would confidently recommend this brand to others and also buy from them in future, I think that they offer great quality, professional items, that are durable too!

Friday, 23 December 2016


A month or so ago (Yes I am VERY late here) pardon the pun.
Myself, along with a mob of eager bloggers gathered around the sparkly, glamourous new attire at the VERY HQ. It was a privilege indeed. Especially considering that Very is an online department store, which don't have a high street shop - that you can normally waltz into. Alexandra and the rest of the PR team were fabulous hosts and we were treated with cupcakes and fizz while we soaked up the festive vibes.,4294917557.end,4294917557.end,4294917557.end,4294917557.end,4294917557.end

Although the dresses were being showcased for Christmas wear... which I'm too late to recommend them for. I believe that as they have something for everyone, if you are still looking for that showstopping New Years Eve dress then you should definitely take a browse of their party collection.

I was sent a piece of my choice which I can't wait to wear on an evening out!

I love the pattern on this AX Paris metallic dress. The golds give it a cute Christmassy feel.
Merry Christmas to my readers and happy Christmas eve, eve!! 

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Kilner pop up shop at REX Liverpool
Don't be deceived by the recent silence on my blog, I am still active as ever on social media, however I'm leaning more towards Instagram these days. So make sure to follow me there for daily pics and updates.


I wish there was at least 2 more days in the week, then maybe I could get EVERYTHING that I want doing and never be behind. A 9 day week sounds like heaven. I haven't been able to put as much time into my blog due to being bogged down with college work and the Christmas build up.

However! I do have a lot of posts that are waiting to be written, Kilner being the first on my current list. Not because it is the post that I should be writing about first but because I had such a great time that I'm more eager to mention it.


 The pop up event was hosted in REX Liverpool on Bold street.
Rex is a creative concept store which offers spaces to unique brands to create and collaborate with them.
Learn more about the store here.

The Kilner pop up shop will be there all week with their versatile range of glassware. I have the drink dispenser above on my Christmas list and a little birdy says I've been good enough too!

We were greeted by an array of cocktails, shot samples and even a freak shake workshop. It was so much fun. The pop up shop and workshops are running all week too. So if you can, get there and join in with the workshops! I spent the evening in awe at all of the lovely products and had a fab catch up with some of my favourite local bloggers Allie, Sarah and Steph and met some new bloggers too!

The Chocolate Cellar joined in on the evening providing tasters of their satisfying confectionery. I tried a freshly made chocolate turkish delight and had my name wrote on a plain bar of chocolate too. The chocolate cellar are Wirral based and often frequent local markets too. They would be a fabulous choice for gifts and parties, check them out on Facebook here.

Bakchich who are also located on Bold street in Liverpool, provided deliciously rich Lebanese street food. Which perfectly complimented the Kilner storage jars. We all tucked in and were able to pop our empties in our goodie bags, for home use. I'm a big fan of meal prepping so these have come in handy already. I've been using mine for overnight oats and Greek yogurt variations.

At the end of the evening, after enjoying our refreshments and product viewing, I decided to buy a spiraliser because I love cooking and GADGETS! 

No brainer.

The staff member who served me called Natalie had a chat with me and I asked her about the grotto downstairs. To which she offered me the opportunity to have a peek, even though it wasn't open officially yet. I invited the girls down who I was speaking to at the time and we couldn't have been more excited to see it!

The night was a bloggers dream so thank you to Rex, Kilner UK, Bakchich and The Chocolate Cellar for making it amazing :)
& to you the reader..

Thanks for visiting Times2style!