Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mothers Day on The Docks - Circo Liverpool

Normally we keep Mothers Day celebrations pretty low key, my Mum doesn't like a fuss! Her usually preference is to spend time at home however this year we all wanted to get out and do something together. It seems that the older you get, the less time you spend around your family and we really love our family time.

A relaxed meal out was the perfect plan, Mum gets to chill out and we all get to catch up!
I have four siblings so we always have lots of chatting to do. 
Circo had an amazing live singer performing on Mothers Day, I was so glad that they didn't disappoint. What could be worse than having to endure the torture of a bad singer, throughout the whole of a meal?
We were serenaded with Beatles classics and the vibes were super positive. Everyone was clearly comfortable and jolly so it reverberated around the room. Looking out onto the Albert dock was beautiful fulfilling and reminded me of the pride I have for my heritage.

We had already put our orders in via email through the week (as per request on busy occasions) - we didn't need to spend anytime, indecisively stirring at the menu on the day.  This was no problem for us, I preferred this method. Our table was well laid out and our generous glasses of champagne that were included in the price promptly poured for our wait.

My starter was a posh prawn cocktail, when I ordered this via email I wondered how they might present it. It was presented neatly mixed between lettuce with a slice of lemon and bread on the side, truly tasty. I'm a big sea food fan and I loved that this was on the menu. The bread wasn't as fresh as we'd hoped but enjoyable nonetheless.

We didn't wait too long in between meals and nor was it rushed, we were asked now and then how the meal was and the timing was good when questioning us, yes they waited until we had finished stuffing our faces! Many times in other restaurants I've had to acknowledge staff members as modestly as I possibly can without spurting out food.. because they've asked at such a difficult point of the meal. Nope not here!

On to the main..

Traditional lamb, that was flavorsome and filling. I enjoyed every bite. The temperature wasn't my ideal and slightly cooler than I would personally serve food however the restaurant was busy and the price was great considering the venue location and occasion.

Dessert is a must - I went with a warm brownie Sunday. There was unfortunately no sundae spoons on our table only normal spoons but we made use, we probably should have asked for them specifically but it wasn't a major problem.
The Sundae could have definitely provided more bang for its buck on the chocolate front, it was quite light for what we were expecting from a dessert.

Overall we enjoyed our girls day out spent at Circo, it was my first visit and I will definitely be a returning customer. In future I would love to experience their night life and exciting dining show experiences.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

How to keep fit without a gym membership.

Unless you've been locked in a box during the last couple of years, you will have noticed the booming fitness frenzy which has transpired. Protein bars here, Juice + there.. an abundance of celebrities showing off their dramatic weight loss. Sam Smith, Charlotte Crosby and Adele have all dropped inches from their waist line - it is inspiring to say the least!

I like to keep a normal balanced diet without a lot of restrictions and focus on being more physically active to keep in shape. As a busy Mum of one I'll be the first to admit that it is tough to fit in regular exercise but completely doable and beneficial in a variety of ways. My favourite and most convenient way to keep fit is through videos on Youtube, there's so much choice and I can literally slot them into my day when ever I get a spare 20-30 minutes.

There's so many benefits to exercising at home, no gym fees.. no competitive stress, no need to dress for the occasion - you can do it in your PJs if you like! As long as they are not restrictive. 

I want to share with you my favourite channels, these are the fitness videos that have enabled me to gain confidence of my body and fill me with positive energy. After having my daughter I never imagined I could get any definition in my stomach again but through working out regularly with these fitness videos I have manage to sculpt subtle abs and love seeing my hard work paying off. 

Keaira LaShae offers amazing cardio workouts that always feel fun and work every bit of your body!

 When I feel like I want to build my strength rather than burn calories I turn to XHit Daily. Some of these videos can be tough however I pay attention not to over do it and I won't always complete the amount of repetitions if I don't feel ready to avoid injury.

If I don't get a chance to workout until the evening I follow some routines by Yoga with Adriene. This is a gentle workout but regular practice has serious toning effects.

Other things I count as a workout - full house clean ups, carrying my food shopping back from the store (This always ends up like a weight lifting expedition) Fun activities with my daughter; trampolining, hula hooping and skipping. 

How do you like to keep in shape?
Please check out some of the videos above as I can personally vouch that they do achieve results!

GamEscape Review - Live Escape Game

Last week I decided to get out and have some fun, rather than heading to the pub for a mundane night out I opted for pool, arcades and food - followed by a brief stint in a prison cell. Experiences are everything to me and I love to try out new things as often as possible, when I stumbled upon the GamEscape website I was eager to take on the challenge.

I booked an evening visit and walked over from Liverpool St Johns, the venue was located on Hardy Street,
it was a lengthy walk perhaps more so due to my map reading skills! Situated in the backstreets of Liverpool's China town, the dark and dingy feel added to suspense. Upon arrival me and my team mate were greeted cheerily and welcomed down into a basement cell. Given a quick explanation (literally too much information in one quick blast, it was hard to memorise what was said!) and then locked behind bars to begin our escape!

Honestly we didn't know where to begin! I thought an introduction letter/leaflet could have been pretty helpful. The atmosphere was quite unsettling and actually felt like we were in someones jail room. Once we got over the initial fear of the random bits of tissue and dirty looking excuse of a bed - obviously for effect and aura, we got stuck in....

Now without giving away too much information of the actual game; we had to find items, solve clues and unlock various doors/boxes. While listening out for any clues, which we were alerted to by a buzzing noise and a written clue on a TV screen. This gave quite a personal effect to the game as there was a camera monitoring us and the staff were watching to give relevant clues to help us out of sticky situations when we really struggled and needed them.

Sadly we failed our mission and the clues didn't quite click as fast as we would have hoped. I found it quite challenging but a great time never-the-less! At the end we were given a discount code for our next visit which is very likely to be booked. I'd recommend giving this escape game a shot if you get the chance, it is an hour long memory maker - which can be shared between 2-5 players.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

2016 - The year of the Monkey

Liverpool's Chinatown always provide a fantastic celebration for the Chinese New Year, an astounding parade for all to enjoy. 2016 is the year of the Monkey. It is known as the unluckiest year in the Chinese calendar however lucky signs can include; the numbers 1-7-8, the colours white - gold - blue, the flowers chrysanthemums - alliums and the directions north - northwest - west. 

 My daughter M and me headed into town to enjoy the parade this afternoon, we love to experience the humdrum and fire-cracking festivities and this year's display didn't disappoint. We shared fortune cookies and Wok and Go noodles to complete our day out. The crowd was jam packed but it was a fun family day out sure to be remembered!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Flippin' pancakes.

If pancake day isn't enough of an excuse to temporarily throw you off a diet then I don't know what is.
So, yeah.. I love to eat healthily; but what is life without a little treat now and then?

Fun facts:

In total, Brits use an unbelievable 52 million eggs on Pancake Day. 
That’s 22 million more than any other day.

 The most flips anyone has ever done with a pancake is 349 flips in two minutes. 

Pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) is this Tuesday 9th February, I happened to mention that pancake day was coming up to my college friends last week and they almost exploded with excitement. I was actually shocked by the sudden hysteria I had caused by merely mentioning this day. 

I love the fun of Pancake day, how everyone crowds around (safely) in the kitchen, taking turns to prove who is the finest flipper. Choosing your fave toppings and most likely over indulging. I've found out that the pan you use can make a world of difference too, I've made some complete messes in the past however my Pyrex Attraction Non-Stick Frying Pan came in super handy for our early pancakes.. It is my go to pan for omelettes too. If you're usually a flipping loser - take note, it's time to upgrade your pan for a flawless pancake and minimal clean up!

I smothered mine in Nutella then rolled up the chocolatey goodness, the warmth from the pancake perfectly melted it into heaven. I usually have lemon and sugar but this was a perfect and scrumptious choice.

I'd love to know how you like to enjoy your pancakes? Sweet or savoury?

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A new direction..

Fruit Face

Last year I decided to take a break from blogging, in order to refocus and rethink my life in general. It is not a sudden new year; new me. Since January 2015 I have taken a break from beauty a lot and I completely threw myself.. head first, into creating a healthier me.

You may already know that I am a Mummy to a fabulously bouncy 3 year old, we have such an active life now and honestly, I just didn't feel right with make up anymore. I mean I still rely on the basics but I don't believe my life has space for a full on beauty and fashion focus now. I've spent such a tiny amount on make up over the last 12 months and have become relieved at my beauty cupboard shrinking little by little.

My focus has been on improving myself inside, outside and mentally. I am in my perfect zone now! Since I have become more physically active and actually watching what I am eating/using to fuel myself. I also started an English and Maths course last September which has been taking up a lot of concentration too. I'm completely throwing myself into the deep end, finding time to engage in as many activities as I can and generally living life in a way I've never done before.

Now, I'm hoping to blog casually along side my English course; to practice and indulge in my writing skills more often and of course to develop them. My blog is going to be undertaking a massive overhaul and it will become more of a lifestyle and fitness blog, sharing my smoothie addiction, yoga love and general things that I enjoy.
If you'd like to stick around with me through my blogging transition then please do however if lifestyle/parent/fitness blogging is not your thing please do not hesitate to unfollow me.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Celebration of Style - Liverpool's 3 Day Fashion Extravaganza

Celebration of Style sadly came to an end on Saturday and I have to say it has been the best blog related event I have ever attended! Star studded and so perfectly organised by Justine Mills & SK events. I was so glad to be able to attend the 3 day line up along with Jackie from Just Add Ginger. Admittedly the fashion show and after party were the highlight for me, what could be better than sipping Prosecco while observing top designer collections from the likes of Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Matthew Williamson and Victoria Beckham; amongst celebs Jenny Frost, Rebecca Ferguson, Jennifer Metcalf, Sheree Murphy, Chloe Green and many more.
Matalan, partners of the event also had Abbey Clancy's new range on display on arrival

I absolutely loved the collections and also hairstyles by Andrew Collinge's team! 
If that wasn't enough, ticket holders were also treated to a performance from Kelli-Leigh (featured on Duke Dumont's "I Got U") and left with a fab goody bag! By the end of the evening everyone was up on the runway dancing with Kelli-Leigh and the event organisers.. I thought it was amazing how involved they were and found it made the line up that much better. The night ended with an official after show party at Palm Sugar.

Liverpool sure have raised the bar on the fashion stakes for the North West, the venues chosen were perfect for showcasing the very best of what we have to offer.

If you were unable to make it this time, you will be very happy to hear that Celebration of Style will be returning next year!!