Saturday, 19 August 2017

A Christmas taster with Chaophraya | Liverpool

Chaophraya, pronounced Chow-pry-a, is a Thai restaurant which offers authentic, signature dishes alongside a wide range of cocktails, wines and beers. Chaophraya have establishments dotted around the UK and I happened to join them at their Liverpool restaurant, for a Christmas taster evening. This August!

If you're anything like me then even the talk of Christmas will get you giddy, so it was quite exciting to be a part of the evening.
Thai dining
After being greeted and provided with a drinks voucher, myself and my blogging companions headed to the bar. There I chose a Elder-flower prosecco, it was generously sized and went down superbly.

While we awaited the Christmas tasters, I soaked up the ambient lighting, atmosphere and beautiful Thailand inspired decor. I can only imagine how much cosier it would feel inside Chaophraya, as the dark cold nights draw in.

Thai spring roll demoOnce the tasters began being served, I was really in my element. I'm not fussy when it comes to food and enjoy trying dishes, which I have never eaten before. I was surprised by how many vegetarian options they had to offer us, I'm a reducatarian, which means that I'll try to limit my meat intake and enjoy vegetarian food too. There was sumptious sweet potato bites and tantalising vegetarian tacos which left you wanting more.

French martini

Aside from that, we also tried chicken satay, which was really tender and full of flavour. All of the food samples were presented well and 
I think Chaophraya know how to please a crowd.

Next we joined in for a spring roll demo and cocktail making masterclass, both of which rounded off the night perfectly.

Thai satay chicken
Christmas Chaophraya Liverpool

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My Ultimate Top 10 Beauty Essentials

Last week Myself, LifeOfAmy, SH;AL and Booking Good Read all enjoyed a quiet, wine fueled bloggers evening, where we shared our best blogging tips and tricks, joined in twitter chats and assigned each other blog posts too! It was a great way to get the creative juices flowing and I was assigned this post "My ultimate top 10 beauty essentials."

Although it has been a while since I have focused on beauty here, my interested hasn't faded away much. I still love to stay on top of my skincare and try out new products too.

Lacura face cream
1. Diving straight in, without any specific order.
My number 1 beauty essential is a good face cream, without one my skin feels completely dull and UN-nurtured. I currently use a Lacura day and night cream, these were only from Aldi, nothing fancy however they are both nearly empty and have done their job, so I will be re-buying them.
I especially love the night cream because it is super nourishing.

MAC doe liptensity

2. A nude lipstick.
This is my current go to lip product right now, I can wear it whether I am popping to the shop or on my way to a blogger event. It is MAC liptensity, in Doe and I got it in a bargain £9 Glamour goody bag at the British Style Collective.

Facial massager
3. Stay with me here!
This is definitely one of my strangest looking, beauty essentials but I have fell in love with this facial massager. I picked it up in a local discount store and it really helps to increase muscle tone and it gets the blood flowing around too. I like to use it in the evening, for 10-15 minutes, after a cleanse as it does leave a slight red mark for a while. It is stimulating and regular usage is proven to be anti ageing too, this is due to a collagen and oxygen increase to the facial area. 

Aside from the beauty reasons for using this, it is also soothing and relaxing. So it is the perfect addition to my pamper nights. 

sleek highlighting palette

 4. Now I could have foundation or concealer here, but no it's highlighter.
  Ever since I began to use highlighters I can't seem to stop! I love how using them accentuates your features, a little here and a little there works wonders. I mostly use the precious metals highlighting palette by Sleek and this was a re-buy, since I loved my last one so much.

Beauty essentials

5. Waterproof mascara
 Between my love for swimming and my disdain for the English rain, it is no surprise that a waterproof mascara would be on my essentials list. I have been using Rimmel's 100% waterproof but it isn't 100% for me, so I am in the market for a new one if you have any suggestions?

6. Batiste dry shampoo 
 Although I wash my hair every other day, this dry shampoo is amazing for my thin hair which can get flat easily. Washing every day is not an option for me, on the regular, as it would be damaging to my hair so on those second days a little spray of this can liven my mane up.

7. NYX Shine killer
 I feel like this is kind of contrary to the 'no.4, highlighter' however this is great for killing shine in the wrong places, such as the centre of my forehead! I love using the NYX shine killer all over and it doubles up as a primer. It gives me a smooth, dreamy base to begin my make up with.

8. Coconut oil.
Yep. It does literally everything. Dry lips? Coconut oil. Dry hands? Coconut oil. Hair mask? Coconut oil. Shaving cream? Coconut oil. Make up remover? Coconut oil.
If you haven't got any, honestly you need to!

9. Skin exfoliator 
I'm currently using the Simple clear skin exfoliator but there are better brands out there, number 9 is more about the aspect of exfoliating than the brand. I also love to make my own face scrub with brown sugar, honey, coconut oil and lemon. I do this at least once a week to keep my skin feeling fresh and vibrant.

10. Healthy living
That old boring one. Healthy living is a massive beauty essential. Making sure that I'm drinking enough water and eating healthy foods helps me to keep my skin looking good from the inside out. Also exercise gives me that good glow, whether I'm wearing make up or not.

 I hope that you enjoyed this post, as much as I did writing it!
What are your beauty essentials? 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

8 Energy packed Smoothie recipes

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Easy DIY Kitchen windowsill decoration

This week while Mia has been battling the chicken pox, we have had to find as many things to keep us both entertained, as humanly possible. Although we have been in and out of the garden, the weather has also been pretty miserable for July and I'm kind of glad, that we didn't have a bunch of days out planned either. 

At the beginning of the week I decided to order some seeds online, which included indoor seeds - cress and lemongrass. I still need to buy more compost to germinate the lemongrass this week however we could get started on the cress, no problem!

All we needed was some moist cotton wool balls and hey presto! Our chick/bunny egg cups gained a wig. I think growing cress is really nostalgic and it took me back to my primary school days, so it was lovely to share the experience with Mia too.

I love how they look, they make a super sweet decoration for the kitchen windowsill too. They shot up within a few days and we will be growing them throughout the whole year judging by the amount of seeds that we got in the packet!

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Friday, 28 July 2017

July Favourites 2017

Mum's favourites

Rimmel Sun Shimmer

 Rimmel - Sun Shimmer

Summer time inevitably means that you can't get by with just t-shirts and jeans alone, dresses and skirts become worn on the regular - unless you don't mind sweating your arse off that is. I don't know about you, but, I happen to think that there is nothing more uncomfortable than being over-dressed, on a sunny day.

Being naturally pale is painful in the Summer months, I can't get a good tan of my own since I need to wear factor 30 or else burn and going without false tan is a sure fire way to have people staring in horror at my milk bottle pins. So, Rimmel's Sun Shimmer - instant tan, comes in super handy on those days when I want to give my legs some air.

With the weather being so unpredictable, it is the perfect tan for me to apply last minute and I love how natural it comes out. I've nearly finished a bottle already this month.

Orphan Black

Orphan Black 

I began watching this series at the beginning of the month and I became absolutely hooked. This series is an action packed, sci-fi thriller which I found on Netflix and I'm so surprised that I hadn't heard of it before. Tatiana Maslany who stars as the leading character(s) keeps you glued to the screen with her fantastic acting talent. I'm up to the third season and would definitely recommend this show if you're looking for a new watch!

Nude by Rihanna
                                           Nude by Rihanna

My last favourite for this month, Nude by Rihanna. I love the seductive undertones of this perfume, it is summery but also very sensual. I feel like it has now become 'my' scent. Many times I find that I love a perfume but it doesn't feel authentic once worn, however I feel that Nude is a fragrance which I can see myself re-buying in future and making it my staple scent.


Mia's favourites

Num Noms

Num Noms

Mia has so many different toys that she collects - Shopkins, Grossery Gang, Tsum Tsums and I'm sure there is a few others, that I am forgetting. This month she has began collecting Num Noms which she enjoys playing with. They have scented tops which cover things underneath such as lip balms and nail polishes. Some also light up or move around on wheels. They are really cute, so they make a nice little treat for her through the week.

Rainbow rocks

My Little Pony - Rainbow Rocks

We have been seeing advertisements for the upcoming My Little Pony film, which Mia is really excited to watch! It isn't out until the beginning of October however she has been watching the older movies a lot this month, in anticipation for the new release. She loves playing with the equestrian dolls and taking them out too.

Gooey Louie

Gooey Louie

After watching many YouTube toy videos, Mia always asks for these kind of games, so this month she got Gooey Louis and she has found great humour in making all of the family play along. It is actually not as cringey as it seems and the boogers aren't slimy either, thank god! They are like squishy plastic. Each time Louie's brain pops out we get a fright and laugh.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

That time we almost went on a camping trip

One sunny day last month while enjoying a BBQ dinner  with relatives, we decided that we were going to plan a short camping trip. We had been talking about it for a while, since last year infact, so all of us decided that enough was enough and we WERE going to make sure it happened, during the next month.

As we already had basic camping equipment and had already done a test run with M in the back garden before, it seemed that everything would be pretty plain sailing.

We picked out the perfect location, a Park Dean camping resort. We were all super excited, however on the morning of the scheduled booking, I was awoken with M covered from head to toe in chicken pox.

It wasn't meant to be!

I do have to applaud the timing though, no money was wasted or no bookings needing to be cancelled and we can still book our trip on another date, this Summer. Although I have the cutest pictures of M with the pox that I wanted to share, they have been sworn to secrecy by her and are only shared with our close family - which I have to respect.

It is quite a monumental time for me in parenthood and I have been doing all that I can, to keep her comfortable. She is on day 2 and the spots seem to be getting larger and itchier, we have lotion, dead sea salts for bathing and medicine on tap. She is napping as I type which is quite a rarity in itself, fingers crossed that she gets over them fast.
Mia has been too distracted by the chicken pox to be upset about missing out on the camping trip, although we did camp out last night in the back garden which kept her spirits up.

Have your children had the chicken pox this year?

Sunday, 23 July 2017

My daughters first 2k fun run

                                                            (Taking a well earned stretch)

Although I have encouraged and wished that my daughter would gain an interest in health and fitness, it has came as a surprise to me that suddenly, Mia has developed a keen interest in keeping active. The interest has always been there but this year it seems to have intensified, probably due to her age (soon to be 5) and her energy levels increasing. She enjoys dance, swimming (with her armbands for now!), bike riding, trampolining, football, yoga and now she has completed her first 2k fun run.

I'm seriously proud of her activity levels and I will keep on encouraging her, so long as she is enjoying herself. The 2k run was really preemptive so she hadn't really trained, I think her time was great considering. It took her 19 minutes to get around the course with several walking and drinking breaks in between.

I'm looking forward to seeing her progression as the months go by and we're going to begin by practicing over the Summer holidays.

The weather for the run was a little damp but warm too, so we both wore tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Hers was converse and I chose a Nike set. I also had my Mi backpack on and ran alongside her, which was a great opportunity to get in some exercise myself.

Mia had her Nike Rift trainers on which I absolutely love for Summer, they are super practical and breathable too!

Afterwards we stayed for a children's only yoga session, which was her first one with a yoga instructor. I was a few metres away but from what I could see, Mia was following along with the poses well and enjoyed the session too.

I will keep updating you all on our fitness journey, so make sure to follow if you'd like to read my future posts!