Saturday, 13 January 2018

Mayur Indian Restaurant Review

Just before Christmas I was invited to review Mayur Indian which is located on Duke Street in the Liverpool City Centre. It was the perfect opportunity to spend time with my Mum, one on one and share food together after work. Mayur Indian is a family run business and there is a real authentic feel to their service. You can tell that the owners take pride in their restaurant and enjoy providing customer satisfaction.

The d├ęcor is quite classy and somewhere I would say is definitely, appropriate for a special occasion.
We were given a warm welcome and advised on some of the best options from the menu and then began our meal with pappadums and dips and a mouthwatering methi machchi tikka. Which sounds very complex, however it was simply chunks of succulent salmon with yoghurt and spices. A must try!

Finally, we opted for two curries to share between us, lamb jalfrezi and chicken kori gasi. The latter had a really good kick to it and the jalfrezi was mild but filled with the most tender lamb. To finish off, we enjoyed large, fresh garlic naans and were full to the brim!

The food is also prepped in the front of the restaurant, which always gives me a sense of comfort when eating out. I would highly recommend a visit to others and I'd also return myself without a doubt. Especially after visiting their website and seeing a mention of yoga Sundays which also sounds right up my street. Click here to find out more information about Mayur Indian.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Bonkers Bingo at Mecca Bingo

 All the fun of a night out but more - with chances to win prizes, sip cocktails, fill up on grub and generally have a wild time!

I visited Bonkers, (Mecca Bingo's 21st century twist on Bingo) last weekend in order to share my thoughts with you all, and my party of 6 spent a very memorable night there, for all the right reasons. 

Once we had received our dabbers, cards and got our round in, we were able to chose our preferred seating area. Which for some reason, ended up being right at the back, leaving the blunt bingo caller, labeling us 'our very own island' throughout the night.

We all loved the callers humour, the spontanious games to catch balloon bingo balls, joining in with the conga and the random music gaps in between dabbing, for a brief booty popping! 

Bonkers bingo is not for the faint-hearted, so if you're planning to visit then make sure you leave the prudes at home. Or bring them with you and just buzz off their reactions from the explicit's all night.

The night was quite fast-paced, which kept up the excitement but - not so fast that any newcomers to bingo wouldn't be able to keep up. One of my friends had never played in their life.... what even right? But! She got right into it and was the only one out of us, to win a prize. 
We're all looking forward to returning at the soonest opportunity. 

Keep an eye out for their next Bonkers Bingo event, it is a mad house where you are all welcome.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Mattel Play! Liverpool Review

Nestled into the corner of the picturesque Albert Dock, is the home of Mattel Play! An interactive themed play area. Although it feels as though it arrived there yesterday, it has been situated there for a few years now and I have taken my daughter on numerous occasions. Each visit has been thoroughly enjoyed by my daughter, so when I received an invitation to review them, I was more than happy to head back! were given a 2 hour time slot, which I believe is the standard booking allocation. Lengthy enough for children to completely enjoy the experience and the time does not drag either. Partly because the adults can get involved with the fun too. They have activities suitable for children of all ages, including a ball pond with a Harold the Helicopter slide, trains and engines to enter, art area, building block station, Bob the Builder set up - complete with building tasks, outfits for children to dress up and much more! It is the perfect place, to take lots of pictures to treasure and truly brings the shows to life.

Often at Mattel Play! there will be characters wondering around, or putting on a show in the bean bag area. On our Sunday morning visit, Fireman Sam had come to sing and dance - taking picture requests too. On previous visits Mia has been excited to see this show however, getting a bit older now she was happier to take the quiet moment, to continue her play downstairs.

Mattel Play! are very inclusive and have made it easily accessible for disabled customers to visit and also host regular autistic sessions. I cannot fault this place as I have only ever received great customer service from them.

Thank you for visiting to read my review of Mattel Play!, why not leave a comment or take a look at my other posts?

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Yatay Cork Yoga Mat Review

 After months of coming up close and personal with my Yatay yoga mat, i believe that it is finally time to share my views on it. This mat is made from TPE, recycled rubber on the underside and 100% natural and organic cork on top. This combination of layers creates the perfect level of comfort and support for my practices. It is very grippy, even throughout hot yoga sessions.

I have regularly used this mat at home and during indoor/outdoor yoga classes with ease. Every time I have used it outside of my home, I have received compliments on it and had various yogis asking me for the brand info. This is due to the fresh design and how clearly, comforting it is. This mat would be especially beneficial for those who suffer with joint pain.

The cork design is not only a beautiful surface to pose on, it also has natural anti-microbial properties. Meaning that it naturally kills all of those germs which accumulate through usage. I have found the carry straps very useful for throwing the mat over my shoulder and taking it to my classes and it also makes it easier for storing at home, by keeping the mat rolled up.

I know that my Yatay yoga mat will last me for a long time as it is made of good quality materials.

Thank you for reading, click the picture below to purchase or find out further product information.


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Rumi by Bukhara | Bloggers review

 Last week, Rumi by Bukhara hosted a Bloggers evening at their restaurant at Mount Pleasant, Liverpool city centre. I've never visited this street and consider it tucked away slightly from the areas that I usually frequent in the town centre. That being said, it is still quite central and I'm so glad that I know of Rumi by Bukhara now.

This will be my go-to Indian restaurant in future, as I had such a fantastic experience with them. We were able to taste many of their starter options and it was all laid out (beautiful might I add) for us to share, together. All of the food was served warm and fresh with a smile.

Aalo Tikki

 We got to hear the history of the restaurant from the staff and how they love to give their customers the best experience, that they possibly can. It was also pretty interesting to hear, how our very own Liverpool football star, Stevie G had eaten with them before.

Lets talk about the food!

There were so many dishes that I was unfamiliar with, as I don't tend to eat Indian cuisine a lot. I appreciated the insight that they gave us, into the tradition of eating pani puri - a common street snack in India. This snack is often made into a fun competition at the dining table, to see how many you can fill and eat in one go. We were shown how to stuff the crispy balls with the flavoursome chickpea filling and each had a try!

We were given enough time for our starters to settle before our mains arrived, the break was much needed. Everything was so enjoyable and generous, that we were all ready to pop.

 For my main, I opted for a Lamb Dopiaza. It was rich and warming, I had chosen the medium version which had just the right amount of a kick for me. Not too spicy that you begin to sweat, but just enough to tickle your taste buds and leave you hungry for more. Rumi by Bukhara gave us fantastic service during our networking banquet and were professional hosts throughout the evening. For our drinks we enjoyed strawberry and mojito mocktails, they were a completely refreshing, compliment to the meal.

Finally, on our way out we were treated to one of their mouthwatering gelatos. Just look at those flavours! It is safe to say that we all had such a hard time choosing. In the end I went for the Jaffa Cake gelato, which was perfection and a great way to cool down the taste buds after all that spice.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Contained Liverpool | Chamber of Terror review

Autumn is one of those times when everyone is in awe, that it has come around again. One look through your Twitter news feed and someone will be mentioning, that they can not wait for Halloween and I'm exactly the same. It never gets boring! New experiences definitely help with that and this year, I'm excited super early, thanks to attending Contained Liverpool's press night.

contained liverpool

Contained Liverpool presents: Chamber of Terror! 

A labyrinth of spooks, live devilish actors and spine-tingling special effects.
I wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first experience with a walk-through horror show but from the moment that I stepped foot into the chamber, I was transported into an other world. The actors were fantastically, realistic. I felt nervous, awkward and vulnerable, in an adrenaline pumping way!
I think that is probably,the only time that, that sentence can be said - in a good way. 

While I was making my way through the labyrinth, all that I could think was thank god I had someone there to hide behind, when that sudden thump on the wall made me jump out of my skin or when the clowns decided to horrify me honking their horns and running towards me.

I could describe every moment of what made me enjoy this experience but what would be the fun in that? You have to feel the terror for yourself. 

"  Alder Hey Children’s Charity Fund-raiser: ‘Scare Because We Care’ 
As a way of celebrating the launch of Liverpool’s most immersive scare attraction, Contained Liverpool have announced a charity fund-raiser titled ‘Scare Because We Care’ . This Charity fund-raiser will see 50% of the ticket sales (£7.50 from every ticket sold) for their opening weekend (6th-8th October) is donated directly to Alder Hey Children’s Charity. "

(Just off Long Lane.)
 Unit 7A Barcalys Centre
Brookfield Centre,
Broofield Drive, 

L9 7AN

Friday, 22 September 2017

Positivity Inc | Yoga and Mindfulness

The clocks haven't gone back yet and the darker nights are already creeping in, I have been digging out all of my favourite jumpers from hiding and starting to wrap up. Today is the Equinox and the first day of Autumn, the spiritualists of the world can find balance in themselves and all around them at this time of year. An equinox occurs when the sun passes directly over the Earth's equator, resulting in a day and night that are equal in length.

Eve from Positivity Inc treated us to a seasonal hatha flow last night. Using a mantra of letting go, just as the trees are with their leaves, in order to celebrate the occasion and also wrap up the last of their 'Summer of Yoga' sessions. During the whole of the Summer holidays, Positivity Inc provided welcoming, nourishing yoga sessions for families and locals to enjoy. Me and my daughter joined in, both inside and outside of the Isla Gladstone on many occasions, which was an amazing location to promote positivity and wellness.

Luckily, some of these wonderful sessions will continue and boy have they been popular. It is really great to see so many people, from all different walks of life, treating themselves to such a life enriching activity.

Treating myself to these sessions goes a long way in reducing stresses in my everyday life and I am a big fan of the current movement, which is helping children to get involved and also teaching them important coping mechanisms for life. Positivity Inc are very inclusive for children and they show them that yoga can fun and enjoyed by people of all ages. My daughter has now developed a deeper interest in yoga through attending these sessions.

I decided to ask Eve if she would mind me asking her a few questions, in order to share with you in this post and she happily agreed. Read the mini interview below.

Starting at the beginning, how long have you practiced yoga?
I began yoga 15 years ago in order to cope with situations in my personal life. I had emotions and upset from my mothers passing, which I couldn't let go of. Yoga classes and restorative massage helped me through this difficult time.

How long have you been teaching yoga for?
I have been active with community/youth work for about 25 years. However I only became a yoga teacher and fully qualified 2 years ago. I also done night classes back when the youth centre I was working with received funding for yoga sessions, during the time Liverpool was Capital of Culture 2008.

Do you ever find that by providing so many classes, you miss out on being on the other side of the mat?
No, I still participate in lots and LOTS of yoga sessions myself. Teaching is not my practice.

Do you have any tips for people who find it hard to connect with their breath during the yoga session?
I would say that it will come with practice, keep trying, focusing on your breath. We are used to breathing from our chest, so it takes time to develop the skill of abdominal breathing. Try not to judge yourself during your practice and keep trying to slow your breathing down.

Finally, aside from yoga what else would Positivity Inc recommend to promote positivity in our everyday life?
Mindfulness is the key to developing a positive mindset, this includes practicing yoga and meditation. Being in the present moment and actively eating well will help too.

Thank you to Positivity Inc for spreading joy and providing the community with a warm feeling this Summer and into Autumn, services like this won't go unappreciated!

If you'd like to join in this Autumn, head over to Stanley Park Tuesdays 9:30am and keep an eye on their Facebook page for other upcoming events. (I've heard there are some pretty exciting ones planned!!)