Saturday, 20 February 2016

GamEscape Review - Live Escape Game

Last week I decided to get out and have some fun, rather than heading to the pub for a mundane night out I opted for pool, arcades and food - followed by a brief stint in a prison cell. Experiences are everything to me and I love to try out new things as often as possible, when I stumbled upon the GamEscape website I was eager to take on the challenge.

I booked an evening visit and walked over from Liverpool St Johns, the venue was located on Hardy Street,
it was a lengthy walk perhaps more so due to my map reading skills! Situated in the backstreets of Liverpool's China town, the dark and dingy feel added to suspense. Upon arrival me and my team mate were greeted cheerily and welcomed down into a basement cell. Given a quick explanation (literally too much information in one quick blast, it was hard to memorise what was said!) and then locked behind bars to begin our escape!

Honestly we didn't know where to begin! I thought an introduction letter/leaflet could have been pretty helpful. The atmosphere was quite unsettling and actually felt like we were in someones jail room. Once we got over the initial fear of the random bits of tissue and dirty looking excuse of a bed - obviously for effect and aura, we got stuck in....

Now without giving away too much information of the actual game; we had to find items, solve clues and unlock various doors/boxes. While listening out for any clues, which we were alerted to by a buzzing noise and a written clue on a TV screen. This gave quite a personal effect to the game as there was a camera monitoring us and the staff were watching to give relevant clues to help us out of sticky situations when we really struggled and needed them.

Sadly we failed our mission and the clues didn't quite click as fast as we would have hoped. I found it quite challenging but a great time never-the-less! At the end we were given a discount code for our next visit which is very likely to be booked. I'd recommend giving this escape game a shot if you get the chance, it is an hour long memory maker - which can be shared between 2-5 players.