Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mothers Day on The Docks - Circo Liverpool

Normally we keep Mothers Day celebrations pretty low key, my Mum doesn't like a fuss! Her usually preference is to spend time at home however this year we all wanted to get out and do something together. It seems that the older you get, the less time you spend around your family and we really love our family time.

A relaxed meal out was the perfect plan, Mum gets to chill out and we all get to catch up!
I have four siblings so we always have lots of chatting to do. 
Circo had an amazing live singer performing on Mothers Day, I was so glad that they didn't disappoint. What could be worse than having to endure the torture of a bad singer, throughout the whole of a meal?
We were serenaded with Beatles classics and the vibes were super positive. Everyone was clearly comfortable and jolly so it reverberated around the room. Looking out onto the Albert dock was beautiful fulfilling and reminded me of the pride I have for my heritage.

We had already put our orders in via email through the week (as per request on busy occasions) - we didn't need to spend anytime, indecisively stirring at the menu on the day.  This was no problem for us, I preferred this method. Our table was well laid out and our generous glasses of champagne that were included in the price promptly poured for our wait.

My starter was a posh prawn cocktail, when I ordered this via email I wondered how they might present it. It was presented neatly mixed between lettuce with a slice of lemon and bread on the side, truly tasty. I'm a big sea food fan and I loved that this was on the menu. The bread wasn't as fresh as we'd hoped but enjoyable nonetheless.

We didn't wait too long in between meals and nor was it rushed, we were asked now and then how the meal was and the timing was good when questioning us, yes they waited until we had finished stuffing our faces! Many times in other restaurants I've had to acknowledge staff members as modestly as I possibly can without spurting out food.. because they've asked at such a difficult point of the meal. Nope not here!

On to the main..

Traditional lamb, that was flavorsome and filling. I enjoyed every bite. The temperature wasn't my ideal and slightly cooler than I would personally serve food however the restaurant was busy and the price was great considering the venue location and occasion.

Dessert is a must - I went with a warm brownie Sunday. There was unfortunately no sundae spoons on our table only normal spoons but we made use, we probably should have asked for them specifically but it wasn't a major problem.
The Sundae could have definitely provided more bang for its buck on the chocolate front, it was quite light for what we were expecting from a dessert.

Overall we enjoyed our girls day out spent at Circo, it was my first visit and I will definitely be a returning customer. In future I would love to experience their night life and exciting dining show experiences.