Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fun ways to work out without a babysitter!

 This post is designed to help motivate and inspire Mums who are interested in keeping fit and healthy. It is understandable that for many there are obstacles along the way and some people may not be able to partake in much physical activity at all. I did not start a real fitness regime until my daughter was 2 years old and then I got really stuck in. I would never advise new mums to take up unnecessary physical activity shortly after giving birth as your body needs time to settle and repair itself.

Please always stick to your own pace and listen to your body to avoid injury.


The trampoline was literally the best purchase I have made so far. Initially it was bought for my daughters 2nd birthday but she gladly shares it with me and I have found using it to be an extremely effective addition to my fitness regime! I bought it online with Asda direct and it is now almost 2 years old and still going strong. My daughter still has so much fun bouncing on it and has not tired of it yet, recently she has been learning new moves on it and it also provides her with a fun way to get active.

It has been proven that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is the equivalent to a 30 minutes jog and it is so easy to squeeze in ten minutes on this, either bouncing gently with my daughter on it or having her engage in an activity next to the trampoline while I have a more thorough turn.

Warning: If you have given birth before taking up this activity you may experience leakage so.. take your time, start gently and build your stamina up. Along side remember to keep on top of your pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your body. It is so worthwhile!

Some reasons to trampoline regularly include:
It will boost your mood and helps to combat depression.
It provides effective lymphatic drainage, pushing any toxins out of your body.
Cardio strengthens your heart, muscles and balance. 

 Hula Hooping

 At first I could not keep a hula hoop up for more than a few seconds but I made a concious effort to try every time I was out in the garden with my daughter. Now I have learned and built the strength to keep the hoop up with ages! I find it so fun and it shapes your stomach so well.

I began with learning to hoop clockwise and I am now in the process of of learning to hoop anti clockwise, which I cannot do for the life of me! But I will keep trying and trying. I only recently learned that in order to keep your body balanced it is optimal to practice hooping in both directions.

My hoop is really basic, I just use a childs one that I also bought for my daughter. (recurring theme!)
I have never used a weighted hoop because personally it has not been necessary so far.. however I am likely to in the future.

Perks of hooping:
You will develop a strong core.
It will keep you fit and healthy.
You will learn a new skill that you can feel proud of.

Playing football in the park

Let me tell you once you get started kicking a ball around in the park with your little one and your heart gets pumping you will be running around passing the ball until you are totally puffed out in no time.

It is an awesome way to have some fun with your child, especially before they get to the age when they only want to hang out with their friends. Make the most of it!

Pokemon Go 

So the amount of Mums that I heard talking about this game before the children broke up from school was unreal. I myself was a big fan of Pokemon as a child and I literally spent a whole holiday catching Pokemon when I was younger. My Mum couldn't get any sense out of me when I was on my Game boy. So when I saw that Pokemon Go was released I jumped straight on it. I now take more days out and more steps through playing this game on my phone. 

If you are a fan of Pokemon you will get serious motivation to go on many more walks than usual.

What is your favourite way to work out around your child's lifestyle?