Monday, 29 August 2016

Green delivery slots with Sainsburys

I don't have a regular routine when it comes to doing the food shopping and more often than not this helps me to save money on my weekly shops. I keep an eye out for online discount codes to use and just go with the best brand appropriate for the day.

Today I wanted my shopping delivered for tomorrow and although none of my favourite online food shops had offers for me something else caught my eye. I noticed a new feature on the Sainsbury's website which I have not seen before. 
An option to book a delivery in my area when they are already doing local deliveries - in order to leave a greener footprint.

Now, I am no Eco warrior - not by far, but when I can, I will do my part and I just thought this new feature was worth mentioning here. 

"A greener van means we're already delivering in your area. Simply select to book and help reduce the carbon footprint of your delivery"

I figured I'd also share my shop with you this week because if you are anything like me you'll probably enjoy having a good nose!

My total was £64.90 including delivery and this along with a few bits that I already have in will last me all week. 

I'm considering starting more of a food diary too so if you're interested in them.. let me know!

*This is not a sponsored post