Thursday, 18 August 2016

Juju Jelly shoes - The perfect choice for Summer

It's so difficult to find the perfect shoes for our children.
Ultimately they should fit into each of the following categories:

Comfortable (This is high priority to prevent miserable days out for both you and your child!)

Stylish (We still want them to look cool..)

Durable  (Anti scuff/easy wipe? Yes please)

Easy to put on and take off

Me and my daughter have had a wonderful experience with these mint Juju Jellys so it only made sense to share our joy.

Jelly shoes are by far my favourite style of footwear for my daughter during the Summer months, even in Spring they are easily worn with cute frilly socks. They're so versatile that boys can pull them off too!

 They literally tick all of the boxes above - after an active day, visiting the park or forest I can simply run them under the tap or give them a swift clean with a baby wipe.

We have tried a few different styles but the Juju Jelly shoes have been the most comfortable and long lasting for my daughter. Although they are buckle shoes, I've found with a little wiggling we manage to get them on and off without undoing them too.