Monday, 22 August 2016

Our Summer holidays 2016

 It is my daughters first real Summer holidays from her School nursery, so we have been getting up to a lot of fun. Making the most of the sun, in the short amount of time that it actually decided to show up!

We took a trip to Blackpool and enjoyed the sea air. Mia found a crab and was proud to hold it to show everyone. We visited the rides along the pier and it goes without saying that Ice cream was had!

We also went to a Family fun day at Walton Hall Park, most of the activities where free (kerching!) and the RAF Falcons came along to put on a wonderful parachute display. There was so much to do, Mia even had a go on a mini zorb.

 After a few other family fun days we decided to go for a nature walk in Formby squirrel reserve. It was a great day for it so we took a picnic and blanket and enjoyed the atmosphere. I got a little too excited when I saw a tree swing - but hey you're never too old to have fun right?

Most recently we visited New Brighton. It was such a hot day so we sat on the beach for a while making sandcastles and burying Mia in the sand!

Afterwards we strolled down to The Black Pearl which was further along the beach. It is a pirate ship made of driftwood and it is super cool. It was quite busy so I didn't get a picture however it is that popular it even has its own Facebook page!  Check it out.

It has been a jam-packed few weeks!

On one of the less sunny days we visited Hollywood Bowling in Liverpool.

There's more I could mention and still things that we are hoping to fit in before the end of Summer. Mostly the days out have been cheap and planned to keep monetary spends in mind. I'd say we have been quite lucky that we managed to squeeze in the beach days when the Sun was at its best.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you are all having a fun filled Summer too!