Monday, 29 August 2016

The Feel Good Files #5

Hello my lovely readers..

I haven't updated in a few days so I wanted to squeeze in this post today.

Not yesterday but the day before I went on a 6 mile trek, partly to collect parcels/new glasses and partly to gain steps on Pokemon Go in order to hatch a few eggs. I was super tired by the time I got home and my legs got a great work out on the way! For those who are interested I managed to hatch an Exeggcute  and a Voltorb which was pretty good going.

Then yesterday (Sunday) I took a rest day and was pms'ing so I really indulged in lots of food... which has kind of continued into today. My fair share of chocolate has been had!

However I did manage 20 minutes on the trampoline today which was enjoyable especially considering how nice the weather has been today. Afterwards my daughter got on and we played catch with a few water balloons leaving us both soaked and finally retreating back in doors.

I hope your day has been great!
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