Thursday, 22 September 2016

Children's Style - Autumn Ready

 I know that I am not alone in the excitement for Autumn! Most of us enjoy the darker nights closing in, getting cosy in our fluffy pjs and drinking endless hot chocolates. So we are getting ready for the fun to commence.

I bought Mia hunter wellies last year and I really noticed the perks of spending a bit more money, on a stronger boot. Hunter wellies last us throughout the whole year and are still in good enough condition to pass on. So we have given these a big thumbs up and re-bought them this year. I love that they also have high visibility strips on the back; for when the nights get darker, earlier; which adds a bit more safety to our journeys. These were bought on the official website for around £40.

This River Island coat is insulated and waterproof, with double zips on the front. I chose a black coat to tie in with most outfits. This was around £35 on the Very website.

This outfit was from Matalan, I love the knit jumper and think that it is the perfect time to start transitioning from t-shirts to warmer clothing. The jumper is still breathable and will be just right for Autumn. I'm in love with denim at the minute so I thought the denim skirt was also a lovely addition, to Mia's wardrobe.

Skirt and tights set £10
Butterfly jumper £9

Usually, to beat the Primark hustle and bustle, I head to quieter shops; such as Matalan and Peacocks. I prefer to shop at my own leisure and usually find what I am looking for in one of those two. I wasn't looking for anything specific this time but did pick up this 'I love to sparkle top' for £6 and 2 pairs of leggings which also cost £6.

Mia has recently been asking me for a onesie, so I'm assuming that she has noticed the cooler weather and wants to start feeling snuggly warm. This super soft, cat eared onesie was a bargain at £9 from Matalan; because I know that she will get 100% wear out of it this through A/W.

Lastly, I have been itching to get her a pair of light up shoes for when the dark nights begin. I bought this pair off eBay and they have been worn a few times already. They come with a double charging wire and take 2 hours for a complete charge. The port is inside the shoe just tucked under the tongue. It can rub against her feet, so I a premptively apply plasters where needed for extra padding. These are more of a novelty pair and really attract attention too, every time Mia has worn these out we have had good comments on them.

Next I'll be hunting for a couple of cute hat, gloves and scarf sets along with other essentials!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peak at what we have been buying for Autumn. Please subscribe on the right and feel free to leave your blog link below, for me to read too!