Thursday, 29 September 2016

Eggy bread pizza recipe

 I'm always on the look out for new recipes, due to my infatuation with food and cooking. When I was younger, I would always request that my uncle make me eggy bread for lunch.. this snack is quite nostalgic for me. In its basic form, I usually cut it into soldiers and then dip it into tomato sauce. 

However, after seeing a recipe floating around somewhere.. the idea of having an eggy bread pizza stuck in my head. I think it is well worth a share and it's super simple to cook!

Ingredients to make 1:
 1 egg
2 pieces of bread
As much grated cheese as you require
Tomato puree, mixed herbs, garlic puree, pepper and chilli flakes.
(You could also add pepperoni or any other meat filling, if you fancied but it is nice enough without too.)

Begin by putting a frying pan on medium heat with a little oil in.

Once you have grated your cheese, whisk one egg in a container that is wide enough for a piece of bread. Then mix a tablespoon of tomato puree with a half a teaspoon of herbs, pepper and chilli flakes. Afterwards, spread the puree mixture onto one side of bread.

Next pop it into the whisked egg, lifting and dropping it back in, to gather the egg on the underneath only.


Now you can carefully place this piece in the frying pan and proceed to add the grated cheese on top.

 Go ahead and grab the other piece and submerge it on one side only, in the whisked egg. Turn this upside down and place on top of the other piece in the frying pan. So that the egg covered side is facing upwards.

Allow to fry for a few minutes before turning it over. Continue to carefully flip the sandwich a couple of times to cook both sides fully.