Friday, 23 September 2016

Lush Liverpool - VIP Bloggers Event

Lush is so visually pleasing.
I almost feel that I'm going to spoil this post by writing words along side it. Everything was mega photogenic so.. me and a whole bunch of other bloggers, had a wonderful time photographing the evening!

I attended with my sister Amy who blogs here.
We were greeted by Sarah, who informed us all about the event. Afterwards we had refreshments and a lovely array of canapes, while we proceeded to browse the shop. As well as viewing the Halloween product release, which is now available to buy - in store and online! (For a limited time only, don't miss out on the fun!!)

We were given demos and chats, all about the products and the luxurious spa treatments that are available. I was on Team Confident throughout the evening which was great, considering that I was also wearing my Lush lip tint in Confident!

I managed to network with new and older bloggers during the evening and left buzzing with the excitment. Even though we were given a goodie bag with sample pots and a Boo bath melt, I just had to buy a couple more while we were there.

I even got to make my own Comforter bath bar, which looks pretty messy but was fun to create nonetheless!

Thanks for visiting to check out what we got up to during the event, please subscribe and keep an eye out for my reviews on the products too.