Friday, 9 September 2016

The Feel Good Files #8

This morning I got up, had my overnight oats then an hour later opted for a morning workout. Mornings can be tough and if you're not feeling it, it can be a nightmare to get motivated.
I chose a dance style workout because honestly I knew it wouldn't be too hard on me.
I love dance style workouts because there is more of a fun element to them. "I'm not working out, I'm just having a crazy twerk party." I told myself!

20 minutes was nothing out of my day, seriously. Although it was a short one.. 20 minutes can still be enough to get that sweat dripping. 

My motivation comes from many avenues but this mornings workout, was powered by my burning desire to be even half as toned as the dancer in Kanye West's new music video. 'FADE'

I saw this last night and


 She is literally smoking.. and also semi naked so I would advise you not to watch this in the office or around your children!

I think our bodies are amazing things and improving them, even in the slightest is completely worthwhile. Results won't come overnight but with focus and determination, tomorrow can be healthier and happier, mentally and physically.