Wednesday, 14 September 2016

To lift or not to lift?

 Image: Photographer: Scott Webb

I'm throwing my fitness thoughts out here this evening; partially because I have slacked a little on 'The Feel Good Files' and also because it has been on my mind all week. Recently I have been thinking a lot about starting to weight lift and by that I don't mean the 3kg weights that I frequently use.. I mean actually lift!

However I can't help but feel the social stigma holding me back, I mean to use heavier weights and develop strength, the first port of call would be to go to the gym.. but thinking about how intimidating the weights room could be, I'm definitely not ready for that confidence wise!

My next thought is to purchase slightly heavier weights than I am used to and work myself up while I'm in the comfort of my own home. 

To clarify, I don't want to buff up so to speak and honestly - given that I have a petite frame to begin with, I'm not too worried about that happening. I suppose I just want to be as strong as I can be. Essentially creating my optimal 'me'.

Weighing up the pros and cons so to speak, I believe that lifting will be the next step in my fitness routine. I've read over and over again how you can become leaner much more efficiently by doing so, which is my current aim.

 I will be keeping up with my fitness posts as often as possible along side working towards my business degree, which will be the reason for any gaps in my posts.

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