Friday, 9 September 2016

Top 10 ways to feel more energetic

Fitness and health is cycle, all of the steps should to be met in order for it to be successful.
If you eat bad but workout good, your results won't be optimal, the same applies if you eat good but never workout. Our bodies run smoothest when the whole cycle is complete.

A crucial part of the cycle is nutrition. If you do not eat right, then you will not be providing your body with the energy it needs. 

Simple as that. 

If you fill it with rubbish don't be surprised if you have a tough time being active. I know this first hand. I haven't always been into health and nutrition, hell I think I even lived off packet noodles for a whole year of my life when I was younger. I can see now how well I can handle life when I am filling my body with what it needs. For the most part.. but I'm real, some days I will eat McDonald's too.. shock horror! However it is a small percentage in comparison with the goodness that I now consume.

So I wanted to share a list of the top 10 changes that I have made in order to become more active and feel less sluggish.

Stop smoking

I picked up smoking again after having my daughter and let me tell you quitting 2 years ago was the best life choice that I have ever made. For me, my daughter, my house, my clothes, every single damn reason! I used to read these quitting smoking stories and would never imagine that it would be me writing them but here we are! I used NiQuitin 24 hour patches. The first few nights I had these amazing dreams, SO vivid that I started enjoying using them. It was a perk of the patches for me. After about a week the dreams stopped but I was really positive about quitting and began exercising in order to remove stress from my body due to cravings and withdrawal.

Since quitting the amount of energy that I have now is very noticeable. Smoking sucked the life out of me so this is high on my list of advise. Try and try until you stop.

Eat a good breakfast

Set yourself up for a good day by eating right. My favorite options are porridge, overnight oats or a homemade smoothie. It's true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Drink lemon water

I love to drink lemon water, I feel that it cleanses my body. I'd fill a jug up each morning and have a few glasses through out the day. Although I don't drink it everyday now I will still make some fruit water a few days each week. 

 The vitamin c will work wonders for you
My advise for the best lemon water is to peel the skin and only submerge the flesh in the water, this stops the flavour getting too sharp.

Love carbs? Switch to whole grain

For me, life without carbs is not worth living.
But my old eating habits where out of control with white carbs, I would eat noodle butties, crisps butties, mounds of pasta and it just had to stop! Now I stick with carbs in moderation, switching to whole grain bread and pasta has provided me with much more energy and leaves me not even urging to pig out anymore because it's so nutritious and filling.

Choose herbal tea

The taste is not for everyone but give it a try, I think I actually acquired the taste by just forcing it down me. Now I love it but can see why others might not. Even if you substitute a few cups of tea or coffee for herbal tea you will reap the benefits. The anti-oxidants will leave you body running smoother in no time.

Get a good nights sleep

This should go without saying, it is the most logical one. Just sleep. So you have a 6am start every morning? Choose to sleep earlier if you must! Your body and mind will be so thankful.

Keep the junk out of the trunk!

Stop buying unhealthy food that you don't need. Sure your mind tells you that a packet of doughnuts will be nice to get in the shopping this week.. but no! Stick with the essentials. I broke this habit and it has worked like a charm. If I'm sad there is no crisps in the house at 11pm then I'm not going to run the shop to get them. If you do run the shop to get them? Well ok, then you just worked for them. 

Less junk will stop you from feeling lathargic. stock up on healthy snacks instead.

Fill up your fruit bowl

Literally go HAM!
Avocados, bananas, melon, apples.. buy those babies and fill up on good stuff.
You will not want it to go to waste, so you'll start eating it. Once you start changing your diet you'll become happier with picking fruit the next time. Your body will start to realise that this energy is actually 100% better for you than a chocolate bar.

Search for recipes

It seems like something that we should know but if you are new to healthy eating which many people are, it can be daunting knowing how to eat. Find awesome healthy eating recipes and try to make most of your meals from scratch to avoid packets and store bought sauces; avoiding unnecessary additives.

Nutrition is your best pal when it comes to feeling more energetic, don't forget that!

A few of my go to recipes websites:

Also I like to search on google for specific recipes, so if I have some chicken breasts in to use up then I will search "Healthy chicken breast recipes"

Switch to dark chocolate

If you are a big chocolate eater then switching to dark chocolate will be much better for you body. Just a piece or two will give you your chocolate fix and it is lower in sugar.

I hope you can utilize these tips, even if you start by putting a few into action then you will be taking little but loving steps to a better, more active you!