Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Mat Review

Considering that I have been using this yoga mat for a good six months now, I believe that I can give it a thorough review. I was not sent it for this purpose, but I love to share my views regardless. The Eko Super lite travel mat is well designed for the wanderer, it is super thin but sturdy. Although I don't travel much, I feel that this mat is also perfect for the casual yogi. Due to how easy it is to store and use it whenever desired.

Using a good quality mat can make all the difference to your yoga practice. I know as I have used cheaper quality mats too. The cheaper ones tend to fall apart quickly while also leaving much to be desired, when it comes to the 'non slip' claims. The Eko mat helps me to stay balanced on wooden floor securely. Now I'm not a yoga pro, not by far... but I would go as far to say my practices are entering the intermediate stages. So, it definitely stands up well with some of the more difficult poses.

This mat is made from non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber. I feel that knowing this, makes my practice feel even more authentic. The only draw back is the smell, at first it was quite overpowering. Now it has worn off, but if you're deep breathing in dolphin pose it can become a slight distraction.

Being so thin, the mat doesn't provide much support, however that has never been an issue while I have used it. If you had an injury to take into consideration then this could pose a problem though. The length is perfect and I can see mine lasting for years to come. Hygiene wise, these babies do need cleaning from time to time and Manduka offer a cheap and effective cleaning spray to do so which is a must buy!
I would confidently recommend this brand to others and also buy from them in future, I think that they offer great quality, professional items, that are durable too!