Saturday, 28 January 2017

Be At One Cocktail Masterclass

Last week I enjoyed a swanky little bloggers evening at Be At One, a cocktail bar in the heart of Liverpool. Seel street to be specific, which is just a 10 minute stroll from Liverpool central. Be At One became an instant success in 1998, and subsequently opened bars here, there and everywhere...

I had received my invite way back in December - via the Bloggers network app. (If you haven't got that already, what are you waiting for??)

Needless to say, I was excited to try out their healthier take on cocktails! I wasn't doing a sober January and I don't drink much alcohol as it is, but I loved the idea of being innocently naughty... 

Virtuous cocktails are Be at one's new addition to their menu, offering both alcoholic and non alcoholic tipples.

On arrival we were presented with popcorn and prosecco, to get us warmed up for the cocktail creating. I was first up, behind the bar and seriously giddy. Something about being in the spotlight turns me into a nervous wreck. I made some really funny mistakes while following the instructions of the bar tender, great memories to keep. Lets just say, I'm not very talented in the art of bar work. 

However! My creation still tasted grand, regardless of my limited confidence at making them.

My cocktail of choice - Tang Dynasty Tanqueray, Lillet, Yuku, Tea, Egg White

The party didn't end there, as we were treated to a shot and a group drinking game. Which involved 15 or so bloggers passing bottles between their legs, in a race to complete their cocktail first. So much fun!

Thank you to all of the Be At One staff for looking after us, and providing us with a wonderful event. I can't wait to return!!