Friday, 6 January 2017

Kaeso Beauty Firming Face Mask Review

Early last year, I completed a wellness course - which was provided by my daughters Sure Start centre. The course helped me to develop my meditation and massage skills. I was already interested in relaxation techniques and yoga before hand so, I was in my element learning about aromatherapy too.

I was treated to a facial during our last session together, and the therapist used Kaeso face masks and moisturisers along with aromatherapy products. I loved how fresh my face felt afterwards so I asked questions about the masks and creams. I was informed that they are designed for spa's and therapists and were only available through hair & beauty stockists.

I was eager to find out more about the brand, so I quickly found and ordered the firming mask online through the ever so helpful - eBay. It was only around £5 for 95ml too. It has lasted me quite a while, even though I've used it frequently. This is because it isn't necessary to apply it thickly. A thin layer is just enough. The scent is Pomegranate and white nettle, I love how the smell stays on your skin a little while after removing the product. 

The quality, the price and the results are all worthy of a share. My face is feeling lovely after each use, I finish my treatment with a mixture of grape seed oil and a drop of lavender essential oil which locks in the moisture. It is total TLC for my skin.

Find your Kaeso stockist here.