Thursday, 16 February 2017

Flying from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

'Winter is leaving' it has overstayed its welcome and I'm day dreaming about daffodils and cherry blossoms. Spring is surely the most anticipated season for us Brits, I mean can any of us really deal with anymore Lemsip or lozenges?! 

Although I'm as pale as snow, I do love a good bit of sunshine. It boosts my mood like nothing else. My patience with the English chill is wearing thin and recently I have been imagining flying away, embracing a break from the norm and taking my daughter on her first holiday abroad. I think that she is officially ready to sit still for 2 hours or more, especially with the promise of adventure. 

We would fly from my local airport, the iconic Liverpool John Lennon. Convenience would be the key to our family getaway. But where to? 

Ireland, France, Germany or further?

Paris would be high up on my list of places that I'd most like to treat my daughter with, and myself for that matter! We could visit Disneyland and stay off site to reduce our costs, leaving more room in the budget for spending on the famous French cuisine! More croissants, less cross parents!
Plus it would make it easier to explore the national treasures, going up the Eiffel tower would be unforgettable.  Liverpool John Lennon airport have a thorough guide on the best times to travel to Paris with them here.

Thinking further afield, another destination on the LJLA website which jumps out at me is Morocco. The pamper loving side of me, would be easily enticed by the Turkish baths and luxurious spa treatments, infused with the gloriously generous sunbeams. However I'm not sure that my daughter would get as much out of the holiday as me!

On the main destinations page is a recommendation for Majorca, which from what I have heard and seen of, it seems to be a perfect mixture of family, fun and sun. Perhaps the ideal family holiday location.

Two and a half hours for our flight and just over half an hour to get to the airport. I'm already mentally booking our trip! There are so many options to choose from for a vacation using Liverpool John Lennon but as long as you are with your favourite companions - can you really go wrong?

Take a look for your next potential holiday by clicking here.

If you have already treated yourself to an abundance of getaways, please leave me your recommendations on the best places to stay!