Thursday, 20 July 2017

A beginners guide to essential oils + Sacred Soul giveaway

The use of essential oils dates all the way back to the Cleopatra era and even further, still. Essential oils are super potent and have many uses such as cosmetic, medicinal and they can even be used for household cleansing. Due to the powerful nature of essential oils, it is important to be aware that they can carry side effects and that they should also be kept out of reach of small hands.

Certain essential oils are perfectly safe for children when diluted but others can give adverse reactions, or even burn the skin! A carrier oil is needed in order to dilute essential oils for topical application. My favourite carrier oils are sweet almond oil, coconut oil and grape-seed oil, all of which can be applied to the face for an easy, DIY facial.

The vast amount of mixtures and scents available for essential oils can be quite overwhelming and each scent holds their own, unique benefits. Starting with the basics is the perfect way to begin your journey with utilising essential oils and becoming familiar with each of them.

Listed below with their key uses.

Eucalyptus - Allergy aid, natural air freshener, wound treatment.
Tea Tree - Acne treatment, natural deodorant, natural air freshener, mould killer.
Lavender - Relaxation, laundry aid, dandruff treatment.
Peppermint - Soothe abdominal pain, memory enhancer, respiratory benefits.
Ylang-Ylang - Mood enhancing, sedative, hydrates skin.

All of Sacred soul's oils are 100% pure, certified and organic.

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