Monday, 3 July 2017

Brunchin' with Liv


This weekend I had the pleasure of joining The Liv Blogger, Liv, Nourish and Inika for a Pre-British Style Collective brunch. The British Style Collective is The Clothes Show live, re-branded and this year it is being hosted in my hometown! As if Liverpool couldn't get anymore eventful!

The brunch was hosted in Liv - Organic and Natural Food Market, which is a fairly new addition to Bold street. It is full to the brim with amazing vegan and vegetarian brands, beauty products and a quaint little café. The front of which was sectioned off, for us all.. to enjoy the tasty little nibbles, freshly prepared by chef to the stars - Sean Paul Redding

The fabulous menu included:
Smashed avocado with minted goats cheese/vegan feta
Bubble & squeak and smoked tofu
Hoevos rancheros
Eggs benedict

It was the first time that I have ever tasted tofu and it was actual perfection on a plate.

Afterwards, we headed over to another seating area at the back of the store, there we were given a makeup demonstration by Inika, we learned a lot about the brand and tried some swatches of the products. I was particularly interested in their primer which smelled and felt super dreamy!

All of Inika's cosmetics are animal friendly and certified organic.

Nourish were next to give us a talk about their exclusive female lifestyle boutique, which is home to everything you could possibly need to feel fabulous. A gym, spa, yoga studio, beauty treatment rooms, nail spa and hairdressers!

I actually can't wait to visit and take in the therapeutic vibes for myself.

To provide a taster of their service, Nourish were also offering manicures on the day, using BWC nail polishes, which stands for Beauty Without Cruelty. Their polishes are plant based and included some pretty hues.

I believe the colour which I chose was twilight mist. Thanks to Kayleigh and Danielle for putting up with me, since I had glitter polish on to begin with and we all know how hard that is to get off!

 Thanks to Liv and all of the brands for treating us to such a cute little morning!