Sunday, 23 July 2017

My daughters first 2k fun run

                                                            (Taking a well earned stretch)

Although I have encouraged and wished that my daughter would gain an interest in health and fitness, it has came as a surprise to me that suddenly, Mia has developed a keen interest in keeping active. The interest has always been there but this year it seems to have intensified, probably due to her age (soon to be 5) and her energy levels increasing. She enjoys dance, swimming (with her armbands for now!), bike riding, trampolining, football, yoga and now she has completed her first 2k fun run.

I'm seriously proud of her activity levels and I will keep on encouraging her, so long as she is enjoying herself. The 2k run was really preemptive so she hadn't really trained, I think her time was great considering. It took her 19 minutes to get around the course with several walking and drinking breaks in between.

I'm looking forward to seeing her progression as the months go by and we're going to begin by practicing over the Summer holidays.

The weather for the run was a little damp but warm too, so we both wore tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Hers was converse and I chose a Nike set. I also had my Mi backpack on and ran alongside her, which was a great opportunity to get in some exercise myself.

Mia had her Nike Rift trainers on which I absolutely love for Summer, they are super practical and breathable too!

Afterwards we stayed for a children's only yoga session, which was her first one with a yoga instructor. I was a few metres away but from what I could see, Mia was following along with the poses well and enjoyed the session too.

I will keep updating you all on our fitness journey, so make sure to follow if you'd like to read my future posts!