Wednesday, 26 July 2017

That time we almost went on a camping trip

One sunny day last month while enjoying a BBQ dinner  with relatives, we decided that we were going to plan a short camping trip. We had been talking about it for a while, since last year infact, so all of us decided that enough was enough and we WERE going to make sure it happened, during the next month.

As we already had basic camping equipment and had already done a test run with M in the back garden before, it seemed that everything would be pretty plain sailing.

We picked out the perfect location, a Park Dean camping resort. We were all super excited, however on the morning of the scheduled booking, I was awoken with M covered from head to toe in chicken pox.

It wasn't meant to be!

I do have to applaud the timing though, no money was wasted or no bookings needing to be cancelled and we can still book our trip on another date, this Summer. Although I have the cutest pictures of M with the pox that I wanted to share, they have been sworn to secrecy by her and are only shared with our close family - which I have to respect.

It is quite a monumental time for me in parenthood and I have been doing all that I can, to keep her comfortable. She is on day 2 and the spots seem to be getting larger and itchier, we have lotion, dead sea salts for bathing and medicine on tap. She is napping as I type which is quite a rarity in itself, fingers crossed that she gets over them fast.
Mia has been too distracted by the chicken pox to be upset about missing out on the camping trip, although we did camp out last night in the back garden which kept her spirits up.

Have your children had the chicken pox this year?