Friday, 14 July 2017

White Wolf Yoga and Kitchen Review

white wolf yoga

Following on from my previous post, White Wolf yoga held a talk at the British Style Collective, last Sunday and afterwards the team headed back to their studio, to host a Hatha flow session. After receiving an invitation to join the class, I was eager to see how I would manage practicing yoga alongside others.

Although I have had plenty of yoga practice at home, it was the first time that I have actually joined a yoga session. On the day, I had not timed my train well at all and ended up a little late, which was quite stressful, I hate being late to anything! Even more so when I had to disturb a yoga session and join in 5 minutes late.

As soon as I opened the door, I was reassured by Louise (White Wolf's yoga instructor) not to worry and join in. So I sat down straight into easy pose. Gathering and regulating my breath. The whole class was full but I didn't feel any judgement, which helped me to begin easing into the postures along with the class.

In no time I was feeling calmed and soothed, the atmospheric background music and Louise's tone of voice, were both perfect compliments to the minimalist room design.

I found that the class gave me slightly more confidence, in trying new poses and having an instructor walk me and the class through each pose, in person was definitely more beneficial than watching sessions, online, at home.

Throughout the class Louise reassured us that there was no need for competition and that we should each stick to our own pace. I had a slight wobble here and there, while practicing a few of the tougher poses but at no point did I feel defeated or embarrassed by this, due to the class being so welcoming. It also helped that I wasn't the only one to stumble, so I would definitely recommend White Wolf to others who don't feeling very confident about joining a yoga class.

white wolf kitchen

White Wolf Yoga also have their own kitchen, which offers an abundance of plant-based options! The decor is cosy and homely and you can tell that White Wolf want their customers to have the best experience with them.

After browsing the menu, I opted for a falafel salad and a detox juice which was a nutritious mix of cucumber, apple and mint. The falafel salad was super generous and also well presented, served with humus on a bed of rocket. It was an enjoyable end to the yoga session and I left feeling renewed.

 If you're looking for a new yoga class to attend in Liverpool, then you won't be disappointed.