Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Easy DIY Kitchen windowsill decoration

This week while Mia has been battling the chicken pox, we have had to find as many things to keep us both entertained, as humanly possible. Although we have been in and out of the garden, the weather has also been pretty miserable for July and I'm kind of glad, that we didn't have a bunch of days out planned either. 

At the beginning of the week I decided to order some seeds online, which included indoor seeds - cress and lemongrass. I still need to buy more compost to germinate the lemongrass this week however we could get started on the cress, no problem!

All we needed was some moist cotton wool balls and hey presto! Our chick/bunny egg cups gained a wig. I think growing cress is really nostalgic and it took me back to my primary school days, so it was lovely to share the experience with Mia too.

I love how they look, they make a super sweet decoration for the kitchen windowsill too. They shot up within a few days and we will be growing them throughout the whole year judging by the amount of seeds that we got in the packet!

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