Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My Ultimate Top 10 Beauty Essentials

Last week Myself, LifeOfAmy, SH;AL and Booking Good Read all enjoyed a quiet, wine fueled bloggers evening, where we shared our best blogging tips and tricks, joined in twitter chats and assigned each other blog posts too! It was a great way to get the creative juices flowing and I was assigned this post "My ultimate top 10 beauty essentials."

Although it has been a while since I have focused on beauty here, my interested hasn't faded away much. I still love to stay on top of my skincare and try out new products too.

Lacura face cream
1. Diving straight in, without any specific order.
My number 1 beauty essential is a good face cream, without one my skin feels completely dull and UN-nurtured. I currently use a Lacura day and night cream, these were only from Aldi, nothing fancy however they are both nearly empty and have done their job, so I will be re-buying them.
I especially love the night cream because it is super nourishing.

MAC doe liptensity

2. A nude lipstick.
This is my current go to lip product right now, I can wear it whether I am popping to the shop or on my way to a blogger event. It is MAC liptensity, in Doe and I got it in a bargain £9 Glamour goody bag at the British Style Collective.

Facial massager
3. Stay with me here!
This is definitely one of my strangest looking, beauty essentials but I have fell in love with this facial massager. I picked it up in a local discount store and it really helps to increase muscle tone and it gets the blood flowing around too. I like to use it in the evening, for 10-15 minutes, after a cleanse as it does leave a slight red mark for a while. It is stimulating and regular usage is proven to be anti ageing too, this is due to a collagen and oxygen increase to the facial area. 

Aside from the beauty reasons for using this, it is also soothing and relaxing. So it is the perfect addition to my pamper nights. 

sleek highlighting palette

 4. Now I could have foundation or concealer here, but no it's highlighter.
  Ever since I began to use highlighters I can't seem to stop! I love how using them accentuates your features, a little here and a little there works wonders. I mostly use the precious metals highlighting palette by Sleek and this was a re-buy, since I loved my last one so much.

Beauty essentials

5. Waterproof mascara
 Between my love for swimming and my disdain for the English rain, it is no surprise that a waterproof mascara would be on my essentials list. I have been using Rimmel's 100% waterproof but it isn't 100% for me, so I am in the market for a new one if you have any suggestions?

6. Batiste dry shampoo 
 Although I wash my hair every other day, this dry shampoo is amazing for my thin hair which can get flat easily. Washing every day is not an option for me, on the regular, as it would be damaging to my hair so on those second days a little spray of this can liven my mane up.

7. NYX Shine killer
 I feel like this is kind of contrary to the 'no.4, highlighter' however this is great for killing shine in the wrong places, such as the centre of my forehead! I love using the NYX shine killer all over and it doubles up as a primer. It gives me a smooth, dreamy base to begin my make up with.

8. Coconut oil.
Yep. It does literally everything. Dry lips? Coconut oil. Dry hands? Coconut oil. Hair mask? Coconut oil. Shaving cream? Coconut oil. Make up remover? Coconut oil.
If you haven't got any, honestly you need to!

9. Skin exfoliator 
I'm currently using the Simple clear skin exfoliator but there are better brands out there, number 9 is more about the aspect of exfoliating than the brand. I also love to make my own face scrub with brown sugar, honey, coconut oil and lemon. I do this at least once a week to keep my skin feeling fresh and vibrant.

10. Healthy living
That old boring one. Healthy living is a massive beauty essential. Making sure that I'm drinking enough water and eating healthy foods helps me to keep my skin looking good from the inside out. Also exercise gives me that good glow, whether I'm wearing make up or not.

 I hope that you enjoyed this post, as much as I did writing it!
What are your beauty essentials?