Friday, 25 August 2017

RopeWalks Food & Drink Lounge Review | Liverpool

Chicken wings and nachos

Just one look at the indulgent, food pictures from my meal at RopeWalks will tell you that I had a good food day. My dinner guest, my daughter and myself all enjoyed a mid week treat, sampling the menu. We loved the nostalgic atmosphere which was complimented by antique decor and furnishings and we all felt that RopeWalks was welcoming to families. I have found that dining out with children is not always plain sailing, so for us a cosy atmosphere is ideal. RopeWalks medley of sophisticated food and laid back surroundings, is a match-made in heaven for parents who often, can't dine out alone.

It was #NationalBurgerDay and RopeWalks had a fantastic offer on, £7 burger and chips. In fact, it seems that they often have great deals on. Another one, I noticed which is on-going is a free dessert for anyone who snaps their meal and posts it to social media, then shows their waiter. A fair trade, if ever I heard one.

For starters we ordered nachos with toppings and hot chicken wings. I love nachos with jalapenos and plenty of dip and these ones ticked both of those boxes. My daughter even joined in with a few of the plain ones, her food taste is currently, quite unadventurous and she was more interested in starting her main course!

Although it was the day of burger eating, I just knew that I couldn't manage it. It was an odd day for me and I don't always choose the lightest option on the menu, however this time I opted for a simple smoked salmon and bread. Each slice I smothered with fresh butter and laid a slice of salmon and salad atop. It was fulfilling and wholesome.

My dinner guest enjoyed their burger and found that it had the spicy kick, which they were desiring. I did get food envy at the sight of it, come on it's hard not to get food envy when a burger is sitting opposite you in all it's glory.

My daughter chose the chicken goujons and chips, now, she is quite the chicken nugget connoisseur and I can happily report that there was not one complaint from her, which was music to my ears. If my child enjoys her food, eating out, then my meal is even more satisfying as a result!

At the end of our mains, once she had 'finished' I had a nibble on one of her goujons and I thought they were good quality and tender.

(Wonky, red sauce love heart courtesy of me. Since Mia left an empty space, where she didn't want beans!

 Since I had eaten light, there was no doubt about me having a dessert. 
I ordered strawberries and cream and was slightly confused when a cocktail of cream arrived next to two raspberries, however I flowed with it and ended up in dessert paradise!

The creme was pleasantly sweet, moreish and rich.
Accompanied by biscuits and syrup.

RopeWalks found their way to my heart with the last course and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to their restaurant. They are just down the round from Liverpool central and also close by the Liverpool Echo Arena, so if you find the time, do pop by and indulge.