Sunday, 3 September 2017

Alma De Cuba Review | Liverpool

 After being given a warm welcome by Sabre Beauty, me and my sister joined a bunch of local bloggers upstairs in Alma De Cuba and had an intimate dinner together! Alma De Cuba set the scene by personalising each of our places with our names and cute little goody bags too.

This small touch got us all chatting about the cosy layout, and broke the ice well. While we were busy choosing from the food and drink menu, live music played in the background and each song choice was spot on, I loved the relaxed mellow vibes. 

Having visited prior to this event, for their petal show and cocktails downstairs, it was lovely to see this other softer side of the Alma De Cuba experience.

 Firstly, I decided on my cocktail which was With Love From Poland, this consisted of Vodka, blackcurrant liqueur, honey liqueur, fresh raspberries, fresh lemon juice, agave syrup and apple juice. It accompanied my meal well and I could have continued drinking them all night, if I hadn't needed to make an early-ish departure!

For my starter I ordered sweet potato and chorizo croquettes and to be fair, as soon as I clapped eyes upon the menu, I knew that these were going to be the chosen ones. My love for the sweet potato is verging on obsession. These croquettes were melt in the mouth, amazing! I almost forgot that they had chorizo in too because they were so velvety, inside their crisp exterior. The dips surrounding them were a lovely addition and left me needing to add zero condiments myself, so after their mini photo-shoot I just dug in.

Next up I chose the Okra and Coconut curry and I was a little worried that the coconut flavour could be over powering or perhaps not to my taste, however I was not disappointed. The fragrant notes and spicy after kick were super tantalising, for my taste buds. 

Although the portion looks reasonably sized, I did struggle to finish it all, possibly due to the generous starter. I definitely didn't have the space for dessert but I had my eyes on the key lime pie and would probably order the starter, then dessert, on my next visit.
 The building which is now home to Alma De Cuba used to be St Peters Church and I think that it is fantastic that they incorporate that, into their decor and throughout their branding. From Gospel choir brunches and stained glass windows to their 10 commandment imitation.

A big thank you to Alma De Cuba for hosting this evening, I'm a big fan of this venue and have had a great time here on multiple occasions! I'm super eager to visit for their Voodoo night, which sees their usual petal show go dark and disturbing, with their amazing contortionists, dancers and drummers!