Thursday, 21 September 2017

Social Paranoia by Dane Cobain - Book Review

Social Paranoia: How consumers and brands can stay safe in a connected world.

With the consistent use of social media in many of our everyday lives, it is easy to become overwhelmed and even paranoid due to the many reasons which Dane Cobain covers throughout this book. From trolling, going viral, doxing and everything in between. It is a great read for brands and also bloggers, who often put themselves out there a little more than normal. When your reputation is at stake, a little knowledge goes a long way...

Even for those of us who don't experience paranoia from their online usage, you can still benefit from reading this. As it can only a good thing, to be reminded of what could go wrong, in order to create prevention strategies. Strategies which could help to keep you out of trouble in future or give you the knowledge of how to alleviate the situation.

What I enjoyed most about Social Paranoia was finding out about social media cases, which I had never known about before and gaining an insight on how the user - brand or consumer, could have or did, deal with the issue. A few of the cases, I had already heard about but I still gained more insight regarding them. Although the book is very survey/statistic driven, it still has the personal touch from the Author Dane Cobain, who also shares a few of his own stories and opinions along the way too.

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