Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Starting Reception

It's official the kids are back in school and this year my daughter has started in reception. She began nursery aged 2 and then she moved to the school nursery aged 3, during which time I began college courses in order to build up my CV. So she has spent just over a year in the school already and is used to being in the swing of things so to speak.

Before July she attended nursery three days a week, this will now go up to five mandatory days. I have to admit that during nursery I enjoyed being lax now and then by letting my daughter stay off at times when I thought she was too tired to go in. Sometimes she wasn't necessarily unwell. I will definitely miss the slightly more, laid-back feeling of nursery and I'm sure Mia will too.

However, we are both still excited for the new journey. Two days in and it is going smoothly so far. I am expecting Mia to be unable to keep her eyes open come 6pm on Friday though, after her first full, five day week.

Although costly, shopping for her first full school uniform was really excited. I loved getting those first photos of her dressed smartly from head to toe.

After a little peruse around town, I opted for these short sleeved shirts from Matalan. These are minimal crease material and feature a velcro top button, that children can easily open or close themselves for comfort.

We are practicing each day to get her used to the uniform and the buttons are still a little too fiddly for her, i think this will become easier once the fabrics loosen on her shirt and cardigan.

Click here to shop these shirts

 I also took her to Clark's for a shoe fitting, as I felt that making sure that she had the best shoes to begin her new school year, would start her off well and comfortable.

I have had zero complaints about her uniform so far, win!

 We chose a pair from the lights collection, Trixi Beau black patent shoes.

These have a button on the side, which makes the shoes light up with each step. Not very noticeable now but they will more than likely show up better, as the darker nights and mornings begin to draw in. I will probably write a full review on these, once Mia has had a good wear out of them. No scuffs yet! Mia also decided last minute that she wanted packed lunches, so I quickly bought a My Little Pony packed lunch box.

Lastly, I was advised to visit a Facebook page for bobbles, to match her uniform and I was genuinely impressed with what they had to offer. Bows Bobbles N Clips sell super cute ribbon bobbles and clips with your chosen schools colours and badge on. I have already received one order from them and I am very likely to reorder in future too.

Happy Autumn all. 

Thanks for reading and leave me a comment if you managed to get this far! :)