Friday, 15 September 2017

VR-Here Review | Liverpool


If you follow my social media channels already, then I've probably already spammed you with the fact that I visited VR-Here yesterday. I was really excited to get the real VR experience after trying the google cardboard version at home. VR stands for virtual reality and in my opinion, it is one of the most impressive advancements in the gaming and tech industry. However, the price tag and space requirements necessary for a decent set up, don't make it practical to have at home.

That is where VR-Here come into the equation, providing their VR venue to customers in varying time slots. Whether you are a new gamer or well seasoned one, you will feel welcomed at VR-Here and they will provide you with any support that you may need with a smile.

I met Bryan who works there at the arcade and also through out their social media channels and you can sense his enthusiasm and knowledge within this field easily. He kindly made me the video above and these can also be made while you enjoy your experience there too.

After being given an introduction to the software and how to use the control pads, I began by trying 'The Blu' which is a life like, interactive aquarium. I was wowed by the way the fish instantly began to swim away as my arm brushed nearby and it felt really natural too. The dimensions were evident and brought the experience to life completely. I could have stayed in there for a while however I wanted to move on and make sure that I tried out the other games before leaving.

Next I played raw data on co-op mode and this included us teaming up and annihilating waves of killer robots, who were hellbent on destroying us. It felt pretty epic to be immersed into this scenario and got my adrenaline pumping for sure!! 

Finally, I jumped into the green screen booth in order to do a recording of me playing Space pirate training. I love how the video turned out even though I am an amateur to the VR world. 
It didn't take me long at all to become familiar with the pads and I enjoyed the time spent there thoroughly. It was an intense, immersive and realistic experience.

Why not visit their website and find out more about them?

Thank you to VR-Here for inviting me and also featuring me on their vlog above.