Sunday, 1 October 2017

Contained Liverpool | Chamber of Terror review

Autumn is one of those times when everyone is in awe, that it has come around again. One look through your Twitter news feed and someone will be mentioning, that they can not wait for Halloween and I'm exactly the same. It never gets boring! New experiences definitely help with that and this year, I'm excited super early, thanks to attending Contained Liverpool's press night.

contained liverpool

Contained Liverpool presents: Chamber of Terror! 

A labyrinth of spooks, live devilish actors and spine-tingling special effects.
I wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first experience with a walk-through horror show but from the moment that I stepped foot into the chamber, I was transported into an other world. The actors were fantastically, realistic. I felt nervous, awkward and vulnerable, in an adrenaline pumping way!
I think that is probably,the only time that, that sentence can be said - in a good way. 

While I was making my way through the labyrinth, all that I could think was thank god I had someone there to hide behind, when that sudden thump on the wall made me jump out of my skin or when the clowns decided to horrify me honking their horns and running towards me.

I could describe every moment of what made me enjoy this experience but what would be the fun in that? You have to feel the terror for yourself. 

"  Alder Hey Children’s Charity Fund-raiser: ‘Scare Because We Care’ 
As a way of celebrating the launch of Liverpool’s most immersive scare attraction, Contained Liverpool have announced a charity fund-raiser titled ‘Scare Because We Care’ . This Charity fund-raiser will see 50% of the ticket sales (£7.50 from every ticket sold) for their opening weekend (6th-8th October) is donated directly to Alder Hey Children’s Charity. "

(Just off Long Lane.)
 Unit 7A Barcalys Centre
Brookfield Centre,
Broofield Drive, 

L9 7AN