Thursday, 5 October 2017

Rumi by Bukhara | Bloggers review

 Last week, Rumi by Bukhara hosted a Bloggers evening at their restaurant at Mount Pleasant, Liverpool city centre. I've never visited this street and consider it tucked away slightly from the areas that I usually frequent in the town centre. That being said, it is still quite central and I'm so glad that I know of Rumi by Bukhara now.

This will be my go-to Indian restaurant in future, as I had such a fantastic experience with them. We were able to taste many of their starter options and it was all laid out (beautiful might I add) for us to share, together. All of the food was served warm and fresh with a smile.

Aalo Tikki

 We got to hear the history of the restaurant from the staff and how they love to give their customers the best experience, that they possibly can. It was also pretty interesting to hear, how our very own Liverpool football star, Stevie G had eaten with them before.

Lets talk about the food!

There were so many dishes that I was unfamiliar with, as I don't tend to eat Indian cuisine a lot. I appreciated the insight that they gave us, into the tradition of eating pani puri - a common street snack in India. This snack is often made into a fun competition at the dining table, to see how many you can fill and eat in one go. We were shown how to stuff the crispy balls with the flavoursome chickpea filling and each had a try!

We were given enough time for our starters to settle before our mains arrived, the break was much needed. Everything was so enjoyable and generous, that we were all ready to pop.

 For my main, I opted for a Lamb Dopiaza. It was rich and warming, I had chosen the medium version which had just the right amount of a kick for me. Not too spicy that you begin to sweat, but just enough to tickle your taste buds and leave you hungry for more. Rumi by Bukhara gave us fantastic service during our networking banquet and were professional hosts throughout the evening. For our drinks we enjoyed strawberry and mojito mocktails, they were a completely refreshing, compliment to the meal.

Finally, on our way out we were treated to one of their mouthwatering gelatos. Just look at those flavours! It is safe to say that we all had such a hard time choosing. In the end I went for the Jaffa Cake gelato, which was perfection and a great way to cool down the taste buds after all that spice.