Saturday, 13 January 2018

Mayur Indian Restaurant Review

Just before Christmas I was invited to review Mayur Indian which is located on Duke Street in the Liverpool City Centre. It was the perfect opportunity to spend time with my Mum, one on one and share food together after work. Mayur Indian is a family run business and there is a real authentic feel to their service. You can tell that the owners take pride in their restaurant and enjoy providing customer satisfaction.

The d├ęcor is quite classy and somewhere I would say is definitely, appropriate for a special occasion.
We were given a warm welcome and advised on some of the best options from the menu and then began our meal with pappadums and dips and a mouthwatering methi machchi tikka. Which sounds very complex, however it was simply chunks of succulent salmon with yoghurt and spices. A must try!

Finally, we opted for two curries to share between us, lamb jalfrezi and chicken kori gasi. The latter had a really good kick to it and the jalfrezi was mild but filled with the most tender lamb. To finish off, we enjoyed large, fresh garlic naans and were full to the brim!

The food is also prepped in the front of the restaurant, which always gives me a sense of comfort when eating out. I would highly recommend a visit to others and I'd also return myself without a doubt. Especially after visiting their website and seeing a mention of yoga Sundays which also sounds right up my street. Click here to find out more information about Mayur Indian.