Times2style is a lifestyle blog written by myself, Rachel. A mother of one who enjoys writing as a creative outlet. Originally it was created by two sisters, with the title meaning "x2" however I became attached to it, even after my sister, Amy, created her own blog LifeofAmy

Then my daughter, Mia, came along and she is now the other focus on this blog. Mia is currently 5 years of age, she is lively and fun to be around. She mostly enjoys playing, learning, using her imagination, dance and fun adventures.

I'm a Liverpool, girl next door with a passion for the city and sharing the beautiful aspects of it through my social media channels. I also love to share bargains and giveaways there too, so keep an eye out!

On Times2style I share a variety of posts including reviews, events, fitness motivation and also personal updates. 

Blogging has opened up many doors for me and it has enabled me to create connections with a diverse variety of local writers and brands.

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